How to Write a CV for Job 2023

Curriculum Vitae commonly referred as CV. CV represents a person who is going to apply for a job. Usually people think that CV is the complicated thing to make but I will tell you a simple method to write a good CV. Divide your CV into different parts, in which you mention about your academic career, job history, professional experience, professional membership, your hobbies, important personal information, contact number and references. Here is a brief description CV is usually divided into five sections.


How to Write a CV for Job 2023 Samples and Format

Personal Information


Academic Qualification

 Job Experiences



Personal Information: Under the CV heading first of all write down the main information. Write three main headings in the beginning. First of all write your complete name and then phone number. Secondly write you email address and residential address. After writing these basic things you can write your personal data clearly for example your name, father’s name, Date of birth, Religion, Nationality and landlines number. All this information should be mentioned in this first section.

Objective:  Always mention your objective that you want to seek a good position in a progressive organization or else.  Write your objective in a precise way and do not expand it.

Academic Information:  Write down your academic qualification in a way that you should mention the name of your recent degree for example MBA and then move to previous qualifications i.e. graduation, intermediate and matriculation. First of all write the degree title or name and then write the year of passing that degree. And then mention the name of the university and write down the percentage of your marks.

Professional Experiences:  In this heading you should mention your previous job experiences. First of all write down your current job or experience.

Skills and Other experiences: In this section you should write your extra qualification and skills. For example you can write your computer skills and language skills. You can mention your short courses and diplomas as well. You can also mention your academic projects and presentations.

References:  Mention you reference contacts.

Make sure that your CV should not be so much lengthy. Do not expand you CV on more than two pages. Always write your CV in easy and narrative font. Check the grammatical and spelling mistakes again and again. Always provide that information which is permanent like e-mail address, contact numbers, address and other information. In the end seek guidance from your friends, family members or any experienced professional by showing them your CV. Remember that the person who reviews your CV has only 30 seconds to have a quick look on your CV. Therefore make your CV precise.

Sample CV Format for Job

Here is a sample of a simple CV.

Example of a Simple CV Template

Address (home and term)
Telephone (home)
Telephone (mobile)

Date of Birth                            Nationality

Personal Profile
Summary about what you have done (degree, relevant experience), the skills you have to offer (target towards the advert/job description) and what you are looking to do.  3 lines max.

Education and Qualifications

Date        University, Course, Qualification (grade or predicted grade)
Modules studied, dissertation

Date        School / FE College
A Levels (grades if good) / other qualifications

Date        School
GCSE – number of subjects, including Math and English

Work Experience (most recent first)

Date        Company Name, Job Title
Main responsibilities
Skills gained (communication, team work, interpersonal, problem solving, etc

IT skills
other relevant skills

Interests and Activities:
Not just a list – try to make them relevant to what the employer is looking for – e.g. Traveling around Europe helped develop my communication skills through meeting a variety of people.

Available on request or you can write the name of a person to which you refer.

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