How to write an Application for Job or Cover Letter

Here we will be provided now How to write an Application for a Job or Cover Letter. Whenever we want to apply for any job then we need an application letter or cover letter. The job application letters you send explain why you are qualified for the position and why you should be selected for an interview. Here we will tell you how to write a cover letter or application letter.

We have developed this guide to provide you with information on developing a letter of application and a cover letter. Customize every cover letter so it’s relevant to the employer and a particular job. Focus on what the employer wants to know not what you want from them. Try to convince them that you can do the job that you will do a great job and that you will fit in and be an asset to their organization.

How to write an Application for Job or Cover Letter

1.       Introduction

2.       Layout and style

3.       Structure of the letter


The Cover letter  or application letter should be limited to one page only and create enough interest to make the potential employer want to look at your application in greater detail by reading your CV and hopefully invite you for an interview.

Layout and style:

There you should be one page enough and there you write few paragraph and it is better to address a letter to a specific person like Dear Miss (NAME) rather than to Dear Sir or Madam. If you start with Dear Sir/Madam it is accepted practice to finish with Yours faithfully. Where as if you start with Dear Miss Chan you may finish with Yours sincerely.

Your letter should be neat and free from careless mistakes. However you write there in some job advertisements the name of the person you are writing to is not given. It is good practice to try to find out the following information before you write your letter.

1.       The full name of the person whose you are writing.

2.       Their title  Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr, Professor, etc.

3.       Their position  Personnel Manager, Human Resources Manager, Electrical Manger etc.

Structure of the letter:

The structure of cover letter and application letter is given below.

  • In the 1st paragraph your write about job title and why are you writing and where you saw its advertisement.
  • And in the 2nd paragraph you write about you and your qualification and your job experience . Make sure the information you give is relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • In the 3rd paragraph you write that why you think that you are suited for this job. And Can you  agree them with your work.
  • And In the 4th paragraph you should tell the reader  when you are available for an interview and how to contact you.

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