Curriculum Vitae CV Writing Tips and Formats

Curriculum Vitae Writing tips and Format: What isĀ  Curriculum Vitae(CV), Curriculum Vitae commonly referred to as CV, includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations, and other details. So, the Curriculum Vitae CV Writing Tips are available below.

How to write Curriculum Vitae(CV), Curriculum Vitae is mostly written in chronological format. in this format, you write from your latest to your oldest one. You write the thing first that you are currently done and then go to your previous ones.

Curriculum Vitae(CV) writing format, CV has written in this style that is the first step you write down your name on the top of the page in bold format and then give some personal information, then in next step write your objective or your aim towards the organization and job. In the next step, you write down your Education history from latest to oldest in chronological format, like if you did master then write down master degree first then towards a bachelor and so on. you write this in three columns, in the first column you mention Degree name, in the second column mention institute name, and in the last column write down the passing year. After this give information about your professional courses or diploma if you did it and also gave information about your personal achievements.

Curriculum Vitae CV Writing Tips

In the next step you have to give information about your Employment history or Job experience, In this part first, you mention your Job title and department then your Company or Organization name, and last write the duration of your job.

Most of the CV Curriculum Vitae part have done in above-mentioned sections but few are left from which one is that after Employment history you should give something about your personal interest and hobbies.

And in the last and final step, you mention the reference, and it depends on you that whether you can write as, Reference will be available or provided if required, or you can give the name of some well-known person and have some worth in that firm or having some good designation.

The most important thing you keep in mind while making CV Curriculum Vitae that A reader has only 30seconds to read your CV, so your CV should not be lengthy and it is most appropriate having one page or a maximum of two pages.

Here is some sample of CV Curriculum Vitae


MBA Finiance From Pak Aims. Working as a Manager Operating, Consultancy providing and Brain Storming over here.

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