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How To Write A Cover Letter For Job, Internship And Resume

Cover letters for finding a job is written by almost every person seeking job, cover letter is actually the introduction of the person to company or organization you are applying to. One thing should be kept in mind very clearly that cover letter acts as your reflection seen by others in words and what is required is that it should be perfect.

How To Write A Cover Letter For Job, Internship And Resume

How To Write A Cover Letter For Job, Internship And Resume


Cover letter has a particular format that is supposed to be followed, and is divided in following parts:

  • Header
  • Body
  • Ending


The first and foremost part of the cover letter is header, in this portion you mention your regards and source from where you came to knew about the vacancy. Next thing is that you make sure that header is appealing and it is having some good talk about company but should not pose off as doing as their flattery.


Body is the main part of the cover letter, things that it should include is:

  • Mention what documents you have attached.
  • Highlight the strongest qualification of yours.
  • Reason why you chose the company.

Body is a detail part of the cover letter. It is much elaborated as compared to introduction and ending. Body of the cover letter shows off your personality a lot. In this portion you mention your skills and hobbies and interests and convince the people of organization how you are perfect for them and why they should hire you.


Ending of cover letter includes your advance thanks to authorities if they accept you and here also you mention your availability time if they want to contact you. You end up your cover letter again with showing you enthusiasm to join their organization. And then paying your regards in most respectful way.


There are some important tips for writing a resume effectively and properly. These may help you improve your resume:

  • Do not share unnecessary information

Some people mention unnecessary information like temporary unemployment and family issues. Employers do not need to know about those things as they have a limited time to go through a resume. Only mention the important information for the convenience of the reader.

  • Always be honest

Always write true and honest information about your qualifications and career goals. Do not exaggerate your capabilities, skills or over-promise anything.

  • Stick to the format

There is a proper format as mentioned above when writing cover letters. This applies even if you are sending the cover letter through an e-mail. Your writing should not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Proper spacing should be used between the paragraphs and the reader should find it easy to read.

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