1st Year Math Pairing Scheme 2024 Gujranwala Board

All individuals of part one who are getting an education in 1st Year Math Pairing Scheme 2024 Gujranwala Board at this place. There are different topics in which aspirants do their preparation. In this case, every chapter has its unique value, and the board committee arranges the question from every individual chapter. However, in general, a typical math curriculum for first-year students may cover topics such as algebraic expressions and equations, functions and graphs, and trigonometry. In fact, geometry (including coordinate geometry), calculus basics (such as limits and derivatives), probability theory, and statistics are also part of Math.

So, the scheme usually outlines objectives for each topic along with recommended teaching methods and learning outcomes. It’s important to note that the exact content covered in a math course can vary depending on factors such as past papers or educational institutions. Therefore we refer to official sources like textbooks or syllabi provided by your institute/board when preparing for exams.

Math Pairing Scheme

However, here we are covering the policy of the management that is arranged for the aspirants of the first year. In this case, you can start your preparation according to the scheme to get good marks. It will cover subjective as well as objective in terms of MCQs, short as well as long. So, you can go through the objective part that we mention in the below table.

1st Year Math Pairing Scheme 2024 Gujranwala Board

1st Year Math Pairing Scheme

MCQs distribution by Chapters

Chapter SQs Chapter SQs Chapter SQs Chapter SQs
1 1 4 2 7 2 10 1
2 1 5 1 8 2 11 1
3 2 6 2 9 1 12 2
13 1 14 1

In order to start your preparation, you can take a look at the table to get good marks in your final exam. However, if you are new, you can open your book and read exercises that mostly questions come from there. So, it will help to determine which chapter has more value as per the above distribution of the marks. But you can also find from the chapter reach definitions and more that can make MCQs as well.

SQs distribution by Chapters


Attempt 8 out of 12


Attempt 8 out of 12


Attempt 8 out of 12

Chapter# No of Q Chapter# No of Q Chapter# No of Q
1 3 5 2 9 3
2 3 6 4 10 3
3 3 7 3 11 1
4 3 8 3 12 3

All above the chapters have worth of the number of questions that will come in the exam. Actually, this section is having three parts in the shape of Q2, Q3, and Q4. Every single part has twelve short questions and you will attempt any of eight. So, it’s up to you to prefer the question of which chapter you prepare well. But the preferable thing is to recall all chapters to get good marks in your final exam. Besides, the below area is holding the section of the long part that you can figure out for your schedule. So, it will help to cover it and get an excellent performance in your final.

Long Questions distribution by Chapters

Q#5 Q#6 Q#7 Q#8 Q#9
a b a b a b a b a B
CH#3 CH#4 CH#5 CH#7 CH#6 CH#8 CH#9 CH#10 CH#12 CH#13

Basically, the single question has two parts in the shape of A and B in which you need to pick a complete question. If you start question 5, you need to cover (a) and (b) both parts to get full marks on this question. Similarly, the remaining section will have the same method. So, you need to focus on this chapter according to the above distribution.

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