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1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

As students know that schools colleges are going to normal routine for the service of education. In fact, there is an anti-biotic is an injection in the government’s employ as well as normal people to cure form the disease of COVID 19. In this way, the educational department is also providing the regular schedule of education as well as a pairing scheme of education. So, the 1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Boards is available here. Therefore, the students of FSC, as well as ICS, can check the pairing scheme of Physics from this post.

However, students can also get the other subjects pairing scheme according to their course of the intermediate from this website. In this way, our team is providing all subject pairing schemes with respect to the courses. So, the students are able to get other subject pairing schemes from this platform. However, the pairing scheme is the basis of the alp for the students as well. So, students can follow this scheme for their annual exams.

First Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

Meanwhile, the pairing scheme is coming every year for the students even for the smart syllabus as well as regular. So, the students can get the pairing scheme of 1st year for their subjects. In this way, the below is a physics pairing scheme in which students can check.

Short Questions:

  • According to the chapter-wise, Question Number two is covering 4 questions from chapter 1 as well as 3 from chapter 2.
  • However, 4 questions are coming from the 3rd chapter and 1 question from the 6th chapter.
  • On the other hand, question number 3 is covering 3 short questions from chapter 5 as well as 3 questions from chapter 5.
  • However, 3 short questions from the 7th chapter and 3 from the 8th chapter.
  • In fact, question number 4 is covering 3 questions from the 9th chapter and 2 from the 10th chapter as well as 4 short questions from the 11th chapter.

Long questions:

  • Question No 5: part (a) is coming from chapter 2 and (b) is coming from chapter 3
  • Question No 6: (a) chapter 4 as well as (b) chapter 8
  • However, Question No 7: (a) from chapter 5 and (b) from chapter 6

As in the previous few years, students are studying with the 1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023. But maybe this year the education department will go to the regular syllabus if the circumstances will go normal. However, there is not any final decision from the official board to follow the new regular syllabus for this year. In the conclusion, the students can start their study with respect to this pairing scheme. So, any further queries will be furnished below.

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