10th Class General Math Pairing Scheme 2023

Actually, the paring scheme is provided by the board for the students to keep in their mind about the importance of chapters. There is a new paring scheme is delivering by the board for the SSC as well as HSSC students. In this way, the 10th Class General Math Pairing Scheme 2023 is going to deliver here. In this way, some chapters are having more questions than the others. Therefore, the acknowledgment of the students is necessary to give them clues before the final exams. In fact, it very helps full to give more time to the chapter that is having more questions. In fact, this is the same process for all other subjects to develop the pairing scheme. So, this is very easy to understand the paring scheme of all subjects for the 10th class.

However, some chapters are having long and short questions for exams. On the other hand, some chapters are having only short questions and MCQs for finals. Therefore, the paring scheme helps the students to get this information for their exams. So, the students can check their paring scheme for their study. Basically, the paring scheme is providing for the students to understand that how many paper questions will come from the specific chapter of the General Math subject.

10th Class General Math Pairing Scheme 2023

Factually, we are providing the paring scheme for the 10th class maths subject here. In this way, the students can check how many questions will come from the individual chapter of the book. So, the paring scheme is mentioned below for the students to read and not for remaining.

In the subjects of math, the MCQs are fifteen as an objective paper in the final exam of the 10th class. So, the paring scheme of 10th class MCQs is listed here.

Total MCQs = 15: 

Each chapter likewise 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 is having one MCQs. On the other hand, chapters 2, as well as 5, are having 2 MCQs in this scheme.

However, the short questions scheme is mentioned for this subject here.

All Short Questions:

Question 2 (6/9) which means to attempt 6 questions are necessary out of 9 questions.

  • Ch#1 = 3
  • Ch#2 = 3
  • Ch#3 = 3

Question 3 (6/9)

  • Ch#4 = 2
  • Ch#5 = 4
  • Ch#6 = 3

Question 4 (6/9)

  • Ch#7 = 2
  • Ch#8 = 1
  • Ch#9 = 1
  • Ch#10 = 1
  • Ch#11 = 1
  • Ch#12 = 1
  • Ch#13 = 2

So, you can prepare for your exams preparation by following this paring scheme.

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