1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2024 New Book Punjab Board

Are you searching 1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2024 New Book Punjab Board? Take a look below to get the details about it. Here you will see the additional details as per the subject. Actually, there are many individuals who focus on the scheme because of their good preparation. In this case, if you are also one of them, you are at the right place. Here you will get all the necessary things that will help you according to your requirements. On the other hand, you will also see the scheme in which the paper will be designed by the board.

So, let’s take below to know about the topics as well as their value in the paper to come in the exam. First of all, part one of the paper consists of the MCQs However, the second one is all about the short queries in which there are all chapters in the list. But in the last part of the paper, you will see the long questions. It will all be about the main chapters that hold high power related to the long section of the paper. So, here you will see how many chapters are this worth to cover the long questions. But the above sections are also valuable and have enough reparation to gain good marks in the paper.

Biologys New Pairing Schemes

So, when you read the scheme, you should cover all major sections of the book to gain excellent marks in your paper. Below, we are also covering it in detail. From chapters one to nine, every chapter has one MCQ that will come in the paper. However, chapter 10, 11, and 14 has 2 but the remaining have the same value. So, you can focus on this section according to this pairing to get excellent marks in the first part of the paper. However, if you want to get any sort of suggestion regarding this section, you can get support.

1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 1st Year Biology

But this is the official announcement in which the paper will hold these things. So, keep these things in mind when you start preparation. On the other hand, the part of Short holds all topics according to the scheme. In this case, the scheme is covering the Q1 from Chap2 and 3 from Chap3 Similarly, the 4 from Chapter 10. Actually, these are chances to come in the paper. Now, move to the next part in which the 2 queries are expected from Chap1, 2 from Chap4, and 4 from Chapter 7.

11th Class Biology Pairing Scheme

In addition, the last short part of the paper covers questions 3 from Chap12 and 4 from Chapter 13. So, you can start preparation according to this scheme. Lastly, the part of long covers the additional things in the shape of your query. In this case, there are five questions divided into two parts A and B. So, when you will start doing it, the first question will come from chapters 1 and 14. However, the next will come from the 2nd and 8th. Similarly, the third is distributing the 6 and 9, and 4th holding 5 and 11. In the last part, 4 and 12 are in the list that you can also see in the image of the scheme.

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