Steps for Students to Learn More than Others

In these days there is too much competition among the students. Every student want to get more marks than others. Everyone has different techniques and different strategy for study. It means that there is difference in the learning style of every person. There are some other factors too like the intelligence level, natural talents; teachers of some student differ from others.

I will tell you that why some students learn more than other students and what basic steps should a student take in order to learn more than others.

 Environment of home: Environment of home really makes a difference. Some students live in a home where people always talk about books study and emphasize on studying while other student live in a home where study and learning has no much importance. This makes the difference plus there are other factors like peaceful environment of your home, facilities, unstable homes and relationships also make bad effect on the learning of a student.

Steps for Students to Learn More than others

Steps for Students to Learn More than Others

So a student should try to ignore and overcome his problems he should make himself so much involved in the study and always think of competition among his other class fellows. If he will totally involve in his studies only then he can learn more than other students.

Intelligence level and smartness of students:

This is another factor because God has given every person different mind and different thinking so everyone is different from the other. Some students have good IQ level while others are smarter in other things besides studies.

So if a student wants to learn more than other then he should think in a smart way and give study the first priority of his life with proper implementation of his plans only then he can learn more than other students.

Learning styles of students: Different students prefer different learning styles some kids have to do something to learn it; others can just read about it to learn it. Some students right an answer several times then they are able to memorize that but other just read 2 or 3 times.

I prefer the first option if you want to learn more than other because things written by your own hands can never be forgotten. Practicing and writing on the paper is the best way to learn something. First read then understand and then memorize.

Help of the Teachers: Teachers can also help students to learn different things. Some students are very active listeners and catch the lectures very early but others are slow and they need time. Another factor which is the basic reason, that why some students learn more than others is the lack of communication between teacher and students. Some students are shy to ask different questions which create confusion in their mind.

So if you want to learn more than your fellows than don’t shy to ask even simple and basic question from your teacher because it clears your concepts.

Interest in studies: Some students come to school ready to learn but others find school just a time pass and they don’t take good interest in their studies. This is the reason why other students take a lead from their class fellows.

So if you want to learn more than other students you have to take keen interest in your studies.

Role of parents: Parents also play their role in the learning of a student. Now-a-days parents are so busy in their daily routine that they done even ask their child the problems he is facing or his marks and improvement in the studies.

So dear students if you are facing such difficulties then don’t be worried just take your own responsibility. Asses your work and improvements in the subjects But parents should try to take good interest in the learning of their children.

If you overcome all these problems mentioned above then you can learn more than other students. Proper planning, time table, strategy, interest, understanding abilities, analytical skills, memorizing power, implementation, organization and then achieve your goal are the basic tools which matters a lot in the proper learning of a student.

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