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Importance of Class Room and Teacher

Class room is a place where a student learns a lot in his early life. A student spends half of his day in the class room from the age of 4-5 years till 22-25 years of age. It means that he spends half of his life in the class room where he can make the most of everything. When a student completes his education he remembers his academic life his friends, his teachers, his fellows, his books, his routine, his school, his college, in short I would say that he remember every moment and every memory of his educational life especially in the class. So class room and teacher play an important role in the grooming of a person from the childhood till the young age.

We believe that teachers are the real guiders so they play very important role in the class room. Most of the students idealize the personality of some teachers so it shows that teachers play an effective role in the life of a student. Class room and teacher have a close association with each other and among the students. A teacher is responsible to build good atmosphere in the class room.

Importance of Class Room and Teacher

Importance of Class Room and Teacher

Students remember the environment of class room because they recall beautiful moments of the class. It is seen that students enjoy some teacher lectures and listen with full interest and attention. Therefore a teacher should be able to involve every student in his discussion. If a teacher prepares good environment in the class then the students are more likely to be happy. Teachers are responsible to make social behavior of the students.

Good teachers make students realize that they should meet the expectation of their parents. They make students learn to respect their parents. All this happens in class room and in the presence of teachers. Students spend half of their time with teachers in the classroom. A student think teacher as a role models for them because teachers make them learn to differentiate between right and wrong.

The positive environment of classroom makes a student to learn important things. Students remember their friends and activities in the class room. A student does many activities in the class room like group discussion, debates competitions, presentations, and many more useful activities. Students find memorable moments with their friends in the classroom.

They share their problems with each other and help out their fellows. In all, class room and teacher makes a student responsible, respectable and good person in his life. We should learn as much as we can in class room from our teachers because this period of life will never come back.

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