1st Year Physical Education Guess Paper 2024

1st Year Physical Education Guess Paper 2024 is available in which you can see the necessary questions and more. In this case, if you are going to appear in the 1st year paper of physical education, you should take a look at these questions. It will help to figure it out and gather more marks in your final results. The paper has a total mark of 68 in the section of subjective. In this case, you need to fill up the parts in which you have a good grip to complete easily. So, before going further, we would like to mention the distribution of the marks that will help to know about the structure of the paper. The paper covers two sections for boys and girls.

Therefore, we are covering both to deliver the necessary topics as well as questions. So, you can remember them to get good marks. The questions that we are going to mention are coming from the papers that came in the previous years. So, don’t take it lightly because these are having more value. On the other hand, you can also be concerned with the book to get more accurate outcomes and excellent marks.

1st Year Physical Education Guess Paper 2024

The exercises in the book are also important that you should not forget to cover before going to the center. Let’s see the list of guesses that you can remember before the final touch.

  • Define physical education according to the way man.
  • write down the importance of physical education in the light of two Ahadith.
  • Define educational gymnastics.
  • What is active recreation?
  • Write down the four advantages of educational gymnastics.
  • Write down the two exercises of the warm-down.
  • Define recreation.
  • Write the classification of the recreational activities.
  • What is the difference between work and recreation?
  • What do you know about the volleyball net and its measurement?
  • Explain the service zone in volleyball games.
  • How do many points in the volleyball game?
  • What is meant by Neuromuscular coordination?
  • How does this education protect from diseases?
  • Write George Butler’s definition of recreation.
  • Explain Active recreation and characteristics.
  • Write the four aims of the health educational institute.
  • Write on the heart and briefly describe.
  • Define the First Aid.
  • What is cell? Describe briefly.
  • What is meant by the technical time-out in the volleyball game?
  • Explain the service zone.
  • Write four fouls of shot put.
  • Briefly explain the gliding in the shot put.
  • What is meant by the crouch start?
  • For boys:
  • Explain the runway in the triple jump.
  • How to tie will be solved in the triple jump?
  • What is the duration of the football match?
  • What do you know about the off side in the football game?
  • For girls:
  • Write the duration of the Netball match.
  • What is the diameter of the discus throw circle?
  • Write the note in the center circle in the netball game.

Long Questions:

  • Define physical education and describe the objects in detail.
  • Write the respiratory system and explain it in detail.
  • Write not on Kyphosis and Lordosis.
  • Draw the sketch of a volleyball court and its complete measurement.
  • Write in detail the rules of putting the shot.
  • Write a note on the circulatory system in detail.

So, these are the major parts that you should recall if you already learned these topics. So, it will help to get exceptional marks on the paper. Besides, if you have any other guess papers, you can also be concerned and start your preparation. We wish you the best of luck for your final exam.

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