2nd Year Health and Physical Education Guess Paper 2024

There are several individuals who have some specific subject in their respective classes. So, here you will get the 2nd Year Health and Physical Education Guess Paper 2024 for your final exam preparation. In fact, individuals can also discover it by reaching the main site. To reach the main, you should use the source of the board to discover it. On the other hand, if you are getting the details, you will easily discover them and find the required data. But if you are looking at these subjects, you can drag them down and gather additional details. So, you will able to discover and see the necessary things that can come in the final paper. Basically, these are subjects of Art in which the individuals are studying in FA to complete their degree.

So, when you will go for it, you will find the additional data. It will take you to the place where you will able to find the valuable data. However, here we are covering the major parts of the topics which you can follow and find the details. So, it will help to remember these queries and go for them to get additional things. In the below part, you will get the additional data that will lead to covering it and finding the necessary things in the shape of your query. So, you will get what you need to learn for the batter preparation. Actually, the paper consists of two main parts in the shape of Objective as well as subjective including short and long. So, here you will get the subjective section in order to the short and long.

2nd Year Health and Physical Education Guess Paper 2024

Short questions

  • Sports is a natural activity explained in detail.
  • How sports increase our health.
  • Define sports.
  • Why should we participate in sports?
  • Explain the Hockey Ball sport.
  • What are the faults in hockey games? write two fouls.
  • Explain the Hockey game goal line.
  • Explain Jump Ball in a basketball game.
  • What is the duration of the basketball game?
  • What do you know about the free throw in a basketball game?
  • Explain the side gallery badminton court.
  • How did the Badminton game start?
  • What is Let in Badminton?
  • What is “Rally” in a Badminton game?
  • Explain the Table Tennis ticket.
  • What do you know about the Table Tennis?
  • Write the parts of the Javelin.
  • Explain the sector of throwing the Javelin.
  • Write four fouls of High Jump.
  • How was the turn determined in the high jump?
  • write the technique of the 400-meter race.
  • What is meant by an Assembly line in a 400-meter race?
  • What is doping?
  • Write down the benefits of Muscles.
  • Why is Carbohydrate called fuel food?
  • Which chemical substances are found in Tea?
  • What is meant by Narcotics?
  • Describe the method of Schafer in artificial respiration.

Long questions

  • Highlight the significance of games in our life.
  • Draw a sketch of a basketball court with all its measurements.
  • Draw a sketch of a badminton court with all its measurements.
  • Describe the rules of the high jump in detail.
  • Define the digestive system along with the names of organs.
  • What is meant by AIDS? write down its causes and symptoms.

These are the main questions that we mention as a guess that you can learn for the preparation of this subject. However, if you have any additional queries, you can mention them below.

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