Islamiat Elective 1st Year Pairing Scheme 2024

Did you have elective subjects in your course? Here we are covering Islamiat Elective 1st Year Pairing Scheme 2024 which will help to start good preparation for the final exam. Basically, the subject has a total mark of 80 which you will get the distribution at this place. In this case, if you are new, you should keep in mind that, pairing of any subject just a schema that can help to determine what is the distribution of marks. Therefore, you can start your study according to the pattern that will help to get a good score.

However, some students prefer to study a complete book which is a plus point. But the best practice is to cover those topics which are important. So, the scheme is the only way to know which chapter is covering more marks and how the paper will come in the final. In this case, you need to overview the sample of the distribution of the marking. The first part of the paper is always the MCQs for all subjects. As usual, this is also having the same method to cover the paper. In this case, the marking of this part is 20 which you should cover from the exercise of the book and from the inner side.

1st Year Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

On the other hand, the time for this part will available up to 20 or 30 minutes. Similarly, the next section of the subject in the exam will cover 60 marks holding full time of 2:30 hours. Meanwhile, the section of shorts covers the 3 short questions holding different markings of the questions and their division. In this case, the first part is holding 12 shorts in which you need to attempt 8 to gain 16 marks in that part. At the same time, the next is covering a similar pattern in which you will get the same marks after covering it. But the last one is holding 13 in which you will cover 9 to obtain 18 marks.

Islamiat Elective 1st Year Pairing Scheme 2024

Islamiat Elective 1st Year Pairing Scheme

So, if you will provide a valid solution to the given questions, you will get the appropriate outcome in your final. Even if the paper mostly comes from the book you should focus on the exercise and the inner parts of the chapters. On the other hand, the last section of the paper consists of the long area of the subject. In this case, there are five appropriate parts of the long in which you will cover any 2 to gather 30 marks. Actually, every single question has fifteen marks and you need to select the right one so that you have more accuracy to gain full marks.

Islamiat elective 1st year pairing scheme 2024 urdu

Therefore, the suggestion is to pick the part in which you have more grip to cover it in depth. Similarly, the additional things are related to the help that you can discover on this platform. But we mention the scheme that can cover the main areas of the subject as well as a final exam. Lastly, this pairing is delivered by the officials to help the students in order to their preparation and smart study. Therefore, the preferable thing is to keep in mind these divisions of the numbers. However, this is delivered by the Punjab boards which every region can consider to avail the help from this scheme.

But if you are still particular about finding the specific board, you can explore this panel to find more relevant records and data. We are covering all boards as well as their relative schemes to deliver the aspirants of the first year. So, you can collect from this place by searching from the top.

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