Prime Ministers Youth Training Scheme 2023 Phase 2 Application Form

PM Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif gives a great opportunity to our youth that Prime Minister’s youth training Scheme. Here check  Prime Ministers Youth Training Scheme 2023 Phase 2 Application Form Apply Online. Here all students and viewers check the Prime Ministers Youth Training Scheme 2023 application form. And to keep them engaged in acquiring additional knowledge and real work/training experiences.

The scheme will provide immediate skills and knowledge to the unemployed educated youth. Moreover, it also harnesses the energy and motivation of educated youth to improve the performance of public/corporate sector entities & organizations having a shortage of required human resources.

The main objectives of the scheme include:

  • To provide training and skills to young degree/diploma holders.
  • To enhance the capacity and employability of educated youth for their better motivated and skilled human resource.
  • To improve public/private sector performance by providing young, fresh, motivated, and skilled human resources.

Individuals fulfilling the eligibility criteria can apply from across Pakistan and it will be implemented through the Provincial Governments in coordination with the DCOs and Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CC&Is) all over the country in the respective provinces/regions.

Prime Ministers Youth Training Scheme 2023 Phase 2 Application Form Apply Online


Eligibility/Criteria For Selection:

  • 16 years HEC recognized degree or diploma for the associate engineer of 3 years after Matric/FSc.
  • 50% marks in the final degree/diploma will be the minimum threshold for the selection of interns.
  • The age limit would be up to 25 years.
  • There will be no gender discrimination.
  • Female candidates will be encouraged to apply.
  • The applicant must not have availed of the Government Training/internship Program or Scheme.
  • The applicant must not be employed in any government or private organization.

Selection Process

  • CNIC for age and respective domicile would be verified through NADRA
  • The NIP office in coordination with National Information Technology Board (M/o IT) will receive the applications and scrutinize them. If required, a private firm will be hired for the up-gradation of the web portal of the NIP office.
  • The coordination with Public and Private sectors such as PVTC/Technical Boards and CC&Is of the concerned provincial governments would be made for placement of interns at different workplaces according to the requirement of public/private sectors compatible with the educational qualification of interns.

Monitoring & Evaluation Process

The M&E Plan shall define how the scheme will document various inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes, and impacts of the project during its lifetime. This will include the overall structure of the M&E system, the various components, methods, types of data, responsibilities, etc., and a clear statement of anticipated achievements, and indicators. This Performance Management plan should contain the detailed Information and Research Statistics of each indicator.

Consultation Process

The necessary steps of this consultation process may include:

  • To identify areas of potential training sectors matching the requirement of public/private
  • To identify the requirement of human resources like engineers, scientists, managers (MBAs, MPAs&         master degree holders), and diploma holders, supervisors (technical staff, skilled and semi-skilled labor) for both public and private sectors.
  • To discuss the expected supervisory behavior from the public/private sector towards interns.
  • To seek nominations for the steering committee from stakeholders.
  • Any other area of interest of stakeholders in the benefit of the proposed Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme.

Select PM Youth Application Form here from.

“Proforma for Federal Government“

“Proforma for Provincial Government”

“Proforma for Private Sector“

Note: one of this form print it and fulfill with qualification experience department wise and send to given below address or E-mail address for online apply.

The placement, which will automatically terminate after one year and as such should not be construed as conferring any right of absorption or work with the organization concerned. All trainees will be awarded after the successful completion of the training period certificate of completion of training by the employer. And trainees, however, will have the freedom to leave the program at any stage. Trainees will not allow a certificate of training completion and will not have any right to get a monthly salary for the remaining period if they choose prematurely.

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