12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board

Here you will see the 12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board that will help you to know about the pattern. In this case, the officials are also providing it but not every year. Actually, when they don’t deliver at their site, it means the scheme will remain the same as the previous year. So, that is the small confusion by the aspirants who think that they did not get the latest scheme from the board. But actually, the scheme is the same and did not change by the management. However, if the management decides that the syllabus is new and the changes are necessary, they announce it at their official site for the aspirants. So, everyone can easily access and know about it to cover.

Basically, the subject of Bio is holding two main parts in the shape of MCQs as well as the Subjective. In this case, the area of objective covers 17 marks but the remaining are holding all other marks. So, to estimate the objective, we can consider that every chapter has one value to cover the one MCQ. By observing it, we don’t need to mention every single chapter that is holding it. However, chapters 16, 17, 20, and 23 are having more value and the board can insert two questions in the objective section. So, keep in mind to cover these chapters more carefully and do your study in order to the perspective of short and MCQs.

12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board

12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme

Chapter SQs Chapter SQs Chapter SQs Chapter SQs
15 3 16 3 17 3 18 2
19 2 20 3 21 2 22 3
23 3 24 2 25 3 26 2

Actually, these are the distribution of the short questions which you can see according to the chapter. In this case, most of the chapters are holding the three questions. So, we can say every single chapter has equal value to deliver the record. But there are a few chapters in which there are two questions that will come by the board. But we will recommend doing your preparation under the short questions to get excellent marks. Similarly, the other subjects will give more boost to get high marks in your subject. However, the distribution of the marks will deliver on the basis of the pattern. In this case, you need to cover it by seeing the image that we deliver.

2nd Year Biology Pairing Scheme

Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9
A and B A and B A and B A and B A and B
Ch 14 and Ch 21 Ch 16  and Ch 25 Ch 17 and Ch 24 Ch 18 and Ch 22 19 and 23

In order to prepare the long questions, you need to make the pear-like we mention here. It will help to figure out and get good marks by doing a complete question. Furthermore, the first long will come from chapter 14 in the shape of part A and the second part will come from chapter 21. So, the remaining question that you can see is also having the same pattern. In this case, you can start your study in the above scheme to get good marks. Besides, if you have any queries regarding the scheme, you can mention them to get additional support.

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