Which is Best FSC vs ICS

Students have passed their Matric exams and they got good marks, now all students are looking for Which is Best FSC vs ICS in Pakistan and Every student is feeling worried about their future because they don’t know what to do after Matric in Pakistan. All students who want to know what to do after Matric then let me tell you that which is the best field in Pakistan. Both FSC and ICS have scope in Pakistan. FSC further has two fields Pre Engineering and Pre Medical in Pakistan. While ICS is intermediate degree in computer sciences. As these both degree are the most demanding degrees in Pakistan.

First of all student have to clear their mind that where they have interest and which is best field according to his interest. If you want to know in detail then let me explain in detail on this website. If you are also looking for the best field in Pakistan then you are at right place. Here you will come to know about the Which is Best FSC vs ICS which is listed below on this website.

FSC Scope In Pakistan:

FSC is one of those fields in Pakistan which has huge scope in Pakistan. If you are talking about the FSC than there are two fields One is pre medical and second is pre engineering. Both these fields has huge scope in Pakistan. After doing FSC pre medical students can do MBBS or can do any medical degree in Pakistan.

Which is Best FSC vs ICS

In case if you are doing FSC pre engineering than you can become engineer after FSC pre engineering. Both these fields have great scope in Pakistan. But on the other hand it is one of the most difficult fields in Pakistan. Only those students who have very good marks in Matric and have potential to get good marks in FSC. These marks will get you admission in any good medical or engineer colleges or universities.

Which is Best FSC vs ICS

ICS Scope in Pakistan:

ICS is also one of the best fields like FSC. It is not less than FSC pre medical or FSC pre engineering because it relates to the computer science. Computer science is one of the newest field in Pakistan but this is one of the top fields in the world. All students who want to do ICS must check that they can become software engineer, or IT expert in Pakistan after doing this field.

There are also many other fields in Pakistan, which a person can join After ICS.
Both these degrees has their pros and cons and everyone have different point of view about these two degrees. Students can chose any of these degrees because these are the best field in Pakistan for those students who are loyal with their studies. So must choose degree in future which is according to your interest. If you don’t have interest in the field that you have chosen to pursue then that degree is useless for you and never will pay off to you.

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