Top 10 Textile Companies In Pakistan

There is a number of Textile Companies in Pakistan. But here we are Top 10 Textile Companies In Pakistan. In 2005, the Pakistani government created a special textile sub-committee in order to formulate a new strategy and policy in the hopes of revamping the textile industry. The sub-committee submitted a report entitled “Textiles Vision 2005” which included a number of recommendations including improved product quality, equipment upgrade, developing human resources, aggressive targeting of new markets, and development of high-powered leadership for the textile sector.

Pakistan is a company with an abundance of cotton fiber. It is our own product and very helpful in the export of Pakistan. The textile of Pakistan is very famous worldwide. Pakistan always had a strong history of textile due to its historical reasons.

Top 10 Textile Companies In Pakistan 2022 Karachi Lahore Faisalabad

Top 10 Textile Companies In Pakistan

Top 10 major textile companies of Pakistan are;

  1. Chenab Limited
  2. Fateh Textile Mills Ltd
  3. The National Silk & Rayon Mills Limited
  4. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited
  5. Husein Industries Limited
  6. Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited
  7. Nishat Mills Limited
  8. Safa Textiles Limited
  9. The Crescent Textile Mills Limited
  10. Fazal Textile Mills Limited

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA):

All Pakistan textile mills associations is Pakistan’s national trade association. It deals with the organization of the textile sector. It represents the 396 textile mills such as;

  • 315 are spinning
  • 44 weaving
  • 37 composite units

The main objective of all Pakistan textile mills associations is:

“Facilitate Pakistan textile industry to obtain and sustain global standing”.

Association is encouraging friendly feeling and unanimity amongst Textile Mill owners on all subjects connected with their common good. APTMA is working consequently for increasing production, exports, and employment opportunities.

To make the textile industry flourish and become a major factor in upraise of Pakistan there is a dire need for investment in this field, as the textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy.

Man-Made Fiber:

The development of the Pakistan textile industry is restricted by the low use of Man-Made Fibers in the fiber mix. Our MMF and cotton use ratio is 20:80 as against the worldwide 60:40 use. Correction of our fiber-mix ratio will bring about qualitative improvement to our product range as well as broaden the range itself.

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