Scope of Bs Hons Chemistry in Pakistan

Education is the way to betterment. There are countless fields of study that make different professionals in different fields. These professionals try to facilitate the human being as much as their study and the scope of their study let them do. Some of them make lives better instantly but, for some fields, it takes time to bloom and groom. However, in the end, they are beneficial for human beings. Therefore, they exist in the world and are developing themselves to make this response sooner than later. Today, we are here with the information about the Scope of BS Hons chemistry in Pakistan starting salary careers.

It surrounds us and is much closer to us than we think. It is present in our daily routine and always applicable in the daily course of life. Usually, we do not take much interest in it but it is present there. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the uses of chemistry and the scope of BS Hons chemistry in Pakistan. Following are the fields in which chemistry is used & For Organic Chemistry Scope In Pakistan Please Visit Now.

Scope of Bs Hons Chemistry in Pakistan


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Industry
  • Defense


The most important role of chemistry is in the pharmaceuticals and medicine industry. Chemistry is largely used in the field of making medicine. The medicine is mainly made by the use of chemical knowledge. Therefore, the BS Hons chemistry contributes greatly to this field.

Chemical industry:

As the name suggests, the field is consistent with the chemicals. Chemistry in the chemical field is used to produce such chemicals that are used for different purposes, for example, domestic, agriculture, and other industries.

Other Industries:

Chemistry is also used in other industries like the paint and coloring industry, medical industry, engineering industry, cement industry, crude oil, etc.


Chemistry is used largely in the defense of the country. All the equipment is made by this industry. It is used in the chemical reactions used to make gadgets for the defense authorities.

Salary of BS Hons Chemistry:

Keeping in view the scope of chemistry, we can say that there is a great demand for BS Hons Chemistry in the market. According to this, the salary of a person that has just completed his BS Hons Chemistry will start the career around or between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 35,000/-.

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