School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8 With Answers

If you are looking for School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8 then here is the right page. The organization has delivered the new pattern as well as the papers in which you can explore it and find the required things. There are all subjects covered in the model paper. So, you need to simply click on the PDF file that is available on this page. In this way, when you hit on that source, you will reach the file to collect the complete sheet. It will deliver the subject-wise details to your query. But we are putting some catechize in which you will able to estimate that you should download the file for your current exam.

The syndicate of the Punjab education exam holds a new strategy to conduct institute-wise papers according to the syllabus. In this way, they have a plan to provide and submit the list for the regular and private. They are also giving the method to configure the way of their scheme. However, for the development under the middle including the 8th, the government is working on it. In this way, when the authority updates the scheme, they mention it on their formal body for the help of all institutes together with the aspirant.

School Based Assessment Grade 8

Similarly, they also provide a specific record for to division to deliver in a new way. So, the current edition of the study pattern below the matric is covered by the PEC. Moreover, the panel of this body has new notifications regarding the study for the aspirants of the 8th. In this regard, they can get assessments together with model papers. The model papers have some sort of factors together with the sample which aspirants can see. But if you are new, we are going to put the source here.

school-based assessment 2024 grade 8

If you want to know School Based Assessment Grade 8 Class students for all subjects then right page. You can also go to the formal site to gather division-wise papers and more online. The formals are working to provide current session factors together with the papers. So, you can move to the site and traverse to the division of your grade. After that, you will up to download it and cover all the books. However, we set down some additional data for supervision at this place.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8 With Answers

But the latest is the papers that we mention in the above part. So, don’t waste time exploring below old papers and assessments section below to find the new ones. However, when the site delivers it, we will update it here for the individuals who are coming in the new section. The page PEC holds the record of publications, news as well as the latest events. In this regard, you can see what’s going on in the current situation and find the exact thing to your query. However, the download part has several things in the shape of an assessment strategy, instructions for the conduct of papers as well and more.

Download Grade 8 all subjects in PDF.

school based assessment 2024 grade 8 tarjuma tul quran

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Islamiyat
  • Computer
  • Math
  • History/ Geography
  • Science

English Subject Assessment Grade 8:

Firstly, the students should keep in mind to circle the right option from the available options of question. However, if the students will select more than one option then the answer will be wrong according to the exam rule.

So, the first question of multiple choices is how many syllables of the word Silver are:

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

Secondly, the question is which of the following an abstract noun from the available is:

  • Bird
  • Sugar
  • Head
  • Love

However, the next one is A….. Of people gathered in the stadium:

  • Bunch
  • Flock
  • Team
  • Crowd

The question has the statement It is raining heavily. We….. Go outside:

  • Should not
  • Were not
  • Are not
  • Have not

Lastly, the antonym of the word Disappear is:

  • Reappear
  • Come in
  • Enters
  • Fade

Basically, we are putting some questions from the assessment of subject science in the below section. However, the students are able to download a complete paper on science from this page. In fact, the complete assessment for all subjects is available here.

  • School-Based Urdu Subject Assessment
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Urdu B Subjective Click Here
  • Social Studies Subject School-Based Assessment Grade 8
Science  Answer Keys
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  • Mathematics School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8
Maths Subject Answer Keys
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  • Computer School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8
Urdu Answer Keys
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  • Islamiyat Grade 8 School-Based Assessment 2024
Islamiyat Subject Answer Keys
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  • Teaching Quran Grade 8 School-Based Assessment 2024
Teaching Quran Answer Keys
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Science Subject Assessment Grade 8:

First of all, the question to identify the structure of the following diagrams:

  • Chromatids
  • Nucleus
  • Chromosomes
  • Centromere

The second one is the function of a gene in the production of which:

  • Sugar
  • Lipids
  • Nucleic acid
  • Protein

However, the question what is the main source of CFCs that is causing ozone depletion:

  • Cars
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Factories
  • Hospitals

In fact, the following is which damages the ozone layer:

  • Oxygen
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Mercury
  • Chlorofluorocarbons

Lastly, the following is not a chemical reaction from:

  • Burning
  • Freezing
  • Respiration
  • Photosynthesis

School-Based Assessment SBA 2024 grade 8 key with answers pdf

So, you will up to leap and move to the site at the right section. After that, you will up to amass and find the respective books for your division. However, the bright source is which will lead to finding all the required data online. So, when you will traverse it, you will up to move directly to the main page. So, the aspirants of this division can traverse the framework of the site that is holding the assessment policy. It will help to know about the supervision policy that they have set down.

They can also move to the next section which also has papers. It is also important if you want to get good marks. So, you need to get the new papers for these sessions which are availed on this page. In this case, we are having all essences in the PDF for the aspirants of grade 8 on this page. But if you want to traverse or gather from the main site, we also mention at above section. So, you can amass to your query.

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