Independent Medical College MBBS Admission 2023-24 Fees Structure

We are going to discuss the Independent Medical College MBBS admission 2023-24 Fees Structure. Here, you will get all the mandatory information that is important for your knowledge. Moreover, if you searching for an Independent medical college fee structure. If yes, then you are definitely in the perfect place. Just like all other universities, Independent medical colleges also publish a detailed fee structure for the various degree programs.

Independent Medical College is one of the famous medical colleges in Faisalabad. They offer various degree programs like MBBS, BDS, and many others. Today, we have enlisted the detailed fee structure of all years including local and foreign students. For more details, you need to stay with us. And read further details which are mentioned in the below paragraph.

Independent Medical College Admission 2023-24

MDCAT is necessary for independent medical college private MBBS. According to PMC policy, any student who wants admission to a medical and dental college, either in a government or private institution, must pass the MDCAT. As you know, the fee structure of private institutes is very high compared to public sector institutions. But if you want to be admitted to an independent medical college then you also need a large amount of payment to stay in this college with the MBBS degree programmer.

Independent Medical College MBBS Admission 2023

So, if we briefly describe the full form of MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. It is a 5-year course plus a one-year internship in the affiliated hospital that can be completed from a college recognized by the Pakistan Medical Commission, to receive a degree titled MBBS (Medical colleges in Pakistan). However, not everyone can be admitted to this degree program. that’s why it is very toughest degree profession. However, it requires with you a lot of hard work, determination, dedication, and spirit.

Independent Medical College MBBS Admission

MBBS Admission Fees Structure


Fixed annual charges


Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5


Total for Program


Tuition fee



Rs 1,250,000



Rs 1,312,500



Rs 1,378,125



Rs 1,447,031



Rs 1,519,383



Rs 6,907,039

Total fixed annual charge



Rs 240600



Rs 93,288



Rs 96,897



RS 100,687



Rs 104,666



Rs 610,138

Total fixed fee per Annum



Rs 1,464,600



Rs 1,45,788



Rs 1,475,022



Rs 1,547,718



Rs 1,624,049



Rs 7,517,177


Visit the official website of the Independent Medical College and guide to the admissions section. This is where they are likely to publish updates about merit lists, admission criteria, and related information. While waiting for the admission date, make sure you have all your necessary documents and information prepared. This will help you complete the admission process smoothly once you receive the notification of your selection.

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