BISE Swat Board Matric Position Holders 2023 Announced

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Swat, is proud to unveil its Matric Position Holders for 2023. Showcasing yet another year of outstanding academic prowess. These bright minds are the crème de la crème of the student body, having outperformed their peers with their exceptional commitment and dedication. Let’s delve into the specifics of these talented scholars of the BISE Swat Board Matric Examinations 2023.

Year after year, BISE Swat continues its tradition of nurturing young talents and the Matric results of 2023 have unequivocally confirmed this. The honor of the top position was seized by a brilliant student from the Swat Public School, who scored an exceptional 1055 marks out of 1100. Her accomplishment is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the robust public school education in Swat.

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Swat, has long been recognized for its dedication towards upholding high educational standards in Pakistan. Since its inception, the board has been instrumental in nurturing academic excellence, paving the way for countless bright futures. Let’s explore the role, vision, and impact of BISE Swat in Pakistan’s educational landscape.

Swat Board Top 10 Position Holders 2023

Following closely, the First, Second position was secured by a diligent student from a renowned private institution. Who missed the top position by a narrow margin of 5 marks, securing 1050 marks. The Third position, with a score of 1045 marks, went to another extraordinary student from a government school, further highlighting the comprehensive academic capabilities fostered by public institutions.

BISE Swat Board Matric Position Holders 2023 1st 2nd 3rd

The declaration of the Matric Position Holders is an event of jubilation for the triumphant students, their families, and mentors. These achievers are usually commended in a ceremony organized by the board, receiving medals, and certificates of achievement. And potential scholarships as a token of their exceptional performance.

BISE Swat Position Holders 2023

The board’s vision is to ensure the provision of quality education that meets international standards. It aims to create an inclusive, progressive, and learning-centric environment, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a strong ethical sense among the students.

The BISE Swat also undertakes numerous initiatives to enhance the quality of education in the region, frequently updating its teaching methods and examination system to keep up with evolving educational trends.


1. Who are the BISE Swat Board Matric Position Holders for 2023?

The position holders for 2023 are students who have achieved the highest marks in their Matriculation Examinations conducted by BISE Swat.

2. How does BISE Swat Board determine the position holders?

The board determines position holders based on the total marks obtained by students in their Matriculation Examinations.

3. What recognition do the position holders receive?

The position holders are typically honored at a ceremony held by the BISE Swat Board, where they receive medals, certificates of achievement, and potential scholarships for their excellent performance.

4. How can one become a position holder in the BISE Swat Board Matric Examinations?

Securing a position requires regular, consistent study, thorough understanding of subjects, strategic time management, and comprehensive exam preparation. Regular self-assessment through mock tests can also be beneficial.

5. Where can we get more information about the BISE Swat Board Matric Position Holders 2023?

Detailed information about the Matric Position Holders. While other related details can be obtained from the official BISE Swat Board’s website.


The BISE Swat Board Matric Position Holders 2023 have set an inspiring example of academic excellence and determination. They symbolize the spirit of relentless pursuit of knowledge. And perseverance, motivating countless others to aspire and strive for similar accomplishments.

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