AIOU Will Discard 1000 Tutor in Lahore

Allama Iqbal University announced nether the way that they ignore the 1,000 teachers in the teacher’s areas in Lahore. they and abroad are writing this that this schedule plan for the exams comes freely and without any problem. After this, they achieved more than 7,000 teachers and certificates if they clear and then their work is still in progress on the Council otherwise specified others, time teachers. This is the leading private sector and AIOU University make it difficult until now. In other news, these teachers who will be discharged from Allama Iqbal University are appointed and work in AIOU Regional Campus Lahore.

The planned Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) to provide computers for teachers and students at low prices, as part of efforts to improve its distance learning facilities, said Vice Chancellor Mahmood ul Hassan Butt.

In an interview on Friday and said that the university has placed a contract with Intel Corporation to provide computers to teachers at the university, for students and affordable. This step, he said, VC, will usher in a silent revolution in the Hall of distance learning at the university, weave a strong network between the university and its beneficiaries in remote areas of the country.

In response to a question that the university hired about 25,000 tutors for one semester while following the effective standards, in addition to a growing number of long learners. He said the university is taking concrete steps to put an end to the practice of plagiarism among students, which was great enough to ensure the quality of manpower for national development.

VC informed that in the past year, the competent university team found what he described as “big” of students involved in plagiarism when examined assignment of only one subject.

AIOU Will Discard 1000 Tutor in Lahore

Moreover, he issued directives to the inspection teams of the University concerned to accelerate the pace of unannounced visits to examination centers to effectively address the issue in an unfair manner.

University did not mean to produce degrees and the dissemination of knowledge among students, but also create knowledge by encouraging students to conduct research, note the VC.

He said, “unless the child is given a proper education, and society can not develop into a thriving place of living and this can easily be proved through the annals of history.” The answer to another question, the VC said that he was appointed in line with the policy of the Supreme Commission for Elections and he will continue to serve the nation.

Was confirmed by Allama Iqbal Open University, Regional Director, accepted on teachers to facilitate students in the study centers and solving their problems to make sure imparting quality education to students from underdeveloped areas. acceptable and addressing teachers from AIOU here on Monday in Karak higher secondary schools and were present on this occasion a large number of teachers.

Threw briefly highlighted the importance of distance education and claimed that AIOU has brought a revolution in the world of knowledge and provided an opportunity for the poor, to work and people from all walks of life to get an education in their own homes. The Regional Director emphasized on teachers to make sure that a meeting with students in the study centers on a monthly basis.

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