AIOU Books Tracking 2023 Books Information Matric FA BA MA M.Ed.

Typically, the students of Alama Iqbal University who get admission cannot find their books with respect to their semesters. So, the information for those students who are new to this university cannot find their books immediately. In fact, the University delivers the books approximately within six months. However, the students can receive their books before this specific time duration. In this way, the AIOU Books Tracking 2023 Books Information Matric FA BA MA M.Ed. is available here. The students will be able to reduce their confusion after reading this article. The necessary information about the tracking of books by the University is available just below.

Firstly, the new students of the University of Allama Iqbal can check their books by their roll numbers. In this way, the university provides a straightforward method to check the books with respect to the roll number. So, students can check their books as well as track the locations by their roll numbers. But, before checking the tracking books make sure that how long has it been since you get admission to the University. If you spend the time after getting admission in University more than six months. So, you can view your books by your roll number from the website of AIOU.

AIOU Books Tracking 2023 Books Information Matric FA BA MA M.Ed.

Basically, the newcomers when they get admission and selects their subjects the center confirmed their enrolments within few days. In this way, the students of this university should also check their confirmation from the online admission section of the website.

AIOU Books Tracking Books Information

Books Tracking of Matric:

The students of Metric who are getting admission to the Allama Iqbal University can check their books from the tracking system of the website. However, the university is responsible to deliver the books after five months of admission. So, check your admission date before complaining about the books in the complaint center of the University. However, the University is providing the simplest way to track the books for spring and autumn semesters. In fact, there is not difficult to check the books by the roll numbers from the website.

Tracking Books of FA BA MA M.Ed:

The criteria for tracking the books are the same as the criteria are using for the metric in University. However, the students can complain after six months of admission if the books do not appear. Lastly, the candidates can go through the link of tracking books for the spring and autumn semesters. In fact, you can email about the books receiving duration by mailing here. Any query regarding the information of this book will be furnished here.

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