1st Year English Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

As the exams are near, the 1st Year English Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board is available here for all aspirants. In this case, the individuals who are hoping to get smart study and get excellent marks can take a glance at this page. It will help to figure out all the details as well as additional data regarding the subject. We also cover the papers that came in the past by the board. So, it will also make sense to start an excellent study in the first year. There are other details to the syllabus of the subject. So, before going to another place, make sure to put in your notes what we are going to provide here. It will give you value in your exam.

The syllabus of this class consists of book one and book three that has some major chapters. In this case, it is the first part that holds short questions but reaming are having other things. So, the aspirants can also focus on the stories, letters, and more related to part two of this class. Even the individuals can also get a list of the major passages that can come in the paper. However, the complete book has several things that can come in the paper of this year. So, make sure to recall them and get on your list.

1st Year English Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

Short Questions:

Here are some major questions that you can put on your lit for your preparation:

Why did Norma try to persuade her husband to agree with her?

What were the reasons, Norma gave to her husband to accept the offer?

What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?

Did Norma remain Normal on hearing the news of the death of her husband?

Why did M.r Steward continue persuading Norma?

What did the woman do with the boy, when he struggled to release?

Where did the woman drag the body?

Why did the woman ask the boy to wash his face?

Who went into politics?

How was the post of a court acrobat created?

How can the glory of the country be increased?

What according to the poet is a sweet noise?

What will happen after the rain stops?

How did the camel men cure their camel?

How did the camel-men prove the stupidity of the quack?

Describe the arrival of the flying saucer in your own words.

Write a note on general powers.

Write a note to Ellen.

Did General Powers allow Spalding to interview Kreton?

What kind of person was John Radolph?

Who took the young man to the hospital?

Describe how the accident occur.

Why was the cat shivering?

We try to mention the main chapters’ important queries here for all first-year aspirants. In this case, you should also recall other chapters as well to get full marks in your exam. But these have high value to come in the papers. So, you should also focus on these to make it better. However, the part-B section of this subject is covered on this platform. So, you can also see that area by opening the main page. So, it will help to find more things to stories and letters.

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