Working Women Day In Pakistan

22nd December is the day when in Pakistan working women are praised and their efforts and hard work is acknowledged. Working women if observed are the back bone of the Pakistani economy. In Pakistan the percentage of women is 52 % which makes them more than men of Pakistan.

Working women are those people who along with house chores take responsibility of some work that could earn them some part of living for their house hold. In Pakistan rural areas if we observe every women is participating and they are working women but they are not considered as working women because they do not get paid seperatel for their efforts but the truth id 95 % of the rural living set ups have working women.

Working Women Day In Pakistan

Working Women Day In Pakistan, Difficulties, Threats And Percentage

Similarly in urban cities of Pakistan 60-65% women are working as we all know that Economy of not just Pakistan but also globally is falling down and for low middle class and middle class families it is becoming very hard to survive in this economy and women of Pakistan as we know the courageous being comes into main stream to upraise the standards of their families.

As we all know that despite the fact that percentage of women is more than men but still the Pakistani society is male dominated and this is becoming a reason that working women are exploited and harassed verbally as well as sexually. No doubt the sacred relations of our society makes easy for our women to work but still there are so many challenges that she has to face. On the top of the challenges is unnecessary competition.

Pakistani women is faced by unnecessary compelled to compete with her male colleagues which makes her stay in constant pressure and stress. Moreover, harassment by her colleagues is another story. Sorry to sa but a big truth when men want to upraise themselves they do not mind harassing their fellow partners and find different ways to lower the standard of women.

Despite of all woes, celebrating of national working women’s day gives a big prominent message that Pakistan is nothing without the working women who are not just participating in betterment of their homes but also their homeland Pakistan too.

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