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Worker Welfare Fund WWF Scholarships for 5000 Students

The source further revealed that the Fund also made payments to the registered workers for the marriage of their daughters and heirs to the deceased workers in death cases. In the 18th Amendment, the fund was transferred to the provinces. However, its account was with Accountant General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR).

The ministry of human resource management manages the worker welfare fund and it works as an independent governing body that has representation from all three different ways including government, employers, and workers. The workers’ welfare fund was established under the worker welfare fund ordinance 1971.


Worker Welfare Fund WWF Scholarships for 5000 Students

Every establishment whose total income in a year is not less than Rs. 500,000 (earlier Rs. 100,000) must pay to the Workers Welfare Fund a sum of two percent (2%) of its total income as is assessable under the Ordinance. The assessment of income is made in accordance with income tax returns deposited under the Income Tax Ordinance.

Services provided by Workers Welfare Fund:

  • You can get benefit from WWF if you have registration with EOBI or Employee Social Security Institutions. WWF is providing services to the industrial workers in the areas of housing, education and health, besides which, financial assistance is also being extended in the form of death grant, marriage grant and post-matric educational scholarships.
  • Workers Welfare Fund provides financing of students at public and private schools. The tuition fee of the students is paid directly to the school. All other expenses including books, stationary, uniform and transport facilities are also provided.
  • Worker welfare fund provides scholarships from primary class and post matric scholarships up to university level in the form of per month stipend starting from Rs. 800 to Rs.3500 per month depending on the course of study.
  • Matric tech program is also initiated in WWB schools for boys in the field of welding, electrician, plumbing & sanitary installer, Auto CAD & draftsman (civil), computer qty surveyor and for girls in the fields of beautician & skin care, tailoring, knitting & Embroidery, office secretary and computer operator.
  • Workers are provided plots/houses/flats on rental/ownership basis on easy installments.
  • WWF provides marriage grant (Jahez fund) of Rs. 70000 for the daughters of workers.
  • Death grant of Rs. 300,000 is given to the families of deceased workers.
  • Tricycles are distributed among the family member of workers who are unable to walk.

WWF is providing health facilities to workers and their families through social security hospitals.

  • Workers Welfare fund (WWF) has announced that they will award scholarships to about 5000 students of various levels, an official source said from Islamabad.

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