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Women Education in Pakistan Barriers Rights and Ratio

Education is the basic right of women. Women have to play every role in the society. Education is the universal right of every individual living in this world. Education for women is very important because women are the backbone of society. Woman is a part of this society and they have equal right to get education as man. Educated women are conversant with her duties as a citizen of a state.

An educated woman is aware of the part she has to play in the growth of the nation. She understands her responsibilities towards herself, her family and her country. Women cannot become good citizen if they are uneducated. Moreover, they pass on their education to their children. There is famous quote about women education is that” When you educate a man you educate an individual when you educate a woman you educate a whole family.” Therefore education for women cannot be neglected.

Women are essential part of this society because this world cannot move on without women. Woman plays a role as a mother and a mother has a great influence on her child. An educated mother can serve her country in the sense that she produces good citizens with tolerant views and vast outlooks. Uneducated mothers are superstitious. They do not have elementary knowledge. Educated mothers will give the nation healthy, enlightened and decently brought up children. In this way, the future of nations depends on the education of women.Women Education in Pakistan Barriers Rights and Ratio

Education of women allows them to participate in politics so that they can play their role for nation. Education in women builds the sense of self esteem in her. Women become mature and resourceful with education. She can help the family by getting into some employment. When education is so necessary for women, more girl’s schools, colleges and universities should be opened for them. There are many who are to stay at home. To them the more useful subjects such as nursing, domestic sciences, embroidery and many other subjects should be taught. We cannot confine women to certain fields because choice only depends on her.

Women Education Ratio: In Pakistan the overall literacy rate is 55% which is not enough. Pakistan is ranked 113th among 120 countries regarding literacy rate. The literacy rate of females in Pakistan is at 39.6 percent compared to that of males at 67.7 percent. This literacy rate is not satisfactory for females in Pakistan. In Pakistan economic progress is not possible when 50 percent human resources are uneducated. In Pakistan the literacy rate for women gradually decreases at the secondary, college and tertiary levels. The Government of Pakistan should raise the percentage of budget allocated for education. If fund for women would be increase the literacy rate will raise.

Barrier to women education in Pakistan: Unfortunately there is some barriers towards women education in Pakistan. There are many causes of illiteracy for women in Pakistan. Girls/women have to face socio-cultural hurdles to acquire education. In Pakistan some extremists add hurdles to the education of woman. Destruction of schools and killings has harmed women’s education in Pakistan. 14-year-old education activist and blogger Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban because she wanted to promote women education in Pakistan.

Talibans are against women education therefore they try to destruct schools and colleges of women. Numerous schools in Pakistan are destroyed by militants. First reason is poverty due to which parents cannot send their children to schools. Secondly, there is also a misconception that females merely have to manage a home after being married where as males have to earn so education matters only for males but not for females. Thirdly, we have observed that traditionally, women are considered as the asset of males of the family.

So these males are responsible for taking decisions of their lives. Fourthly, the social setup is a male dominated one. Fifthly, the number of schools and colleges for females are very less. All these factors are hurdles towards the education of women in Pakistan.  Government should pay attention to the education of women in Pakistan otherwise the literacy rate will not rise. Government should do efforts to increase the literacy rate of women in Pakistan.

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