Why We Should Not Leave Pakistan

Here you can find the Why We Should Not Leave Pakistan which is very use full for every every one.As everybody loves his/her homeland. They think that they will never ever leave their mother land. There are some emotions, some strong feelings that are attached with their motherland. So same like those persons I don’t want to leave Pakistan as there are how the situation. Or I also think that no one want to be or shouldn’t leave their mother land. They have to be stand in front of every finger that arose against the Pakistan.

I agreed that there are a lot of robbers and there is a number of accidents that took place on daily basis, also the political condition of Pakistan is also very down because there is too much corruption that is done by every single Pakistani.

I also agreed that there are many occasions of terrorism and also many numbers of terrorists live in Pakistan. There is a great number of people who don’t follow any rule even the traffic rule so through this a great number of road accidents occur. But despite of all of these I would prefer to live in Pakistan as compare to settle down in any other foreigner country and give them some benefits.

Why We Should Not Leave PakistanWhy We Should Not Leave Pakistan

I must agree that all the above-mentioned problems are occur in Pakistan, and also in the large scale but despite of all these I am also fall in love with my country because instead of bad face of country my country also have a good side. There is a large number of Pakistani that become united in the time of need, there are lot of examples that people become each other’s strength and help them in their days of need like the days of natural disaster like flood, earth quakes and heavy rainfall.

Brilliant artist born in this country and also this is the country of extra ordinary doctors, engineers and also scientist that make proud moments for Pakistan. Where many people see apathetic politics I also see that many things also have done by those politicians they make hospitals like Shaukat Khanam and also make some non-profitable colleges, schools and universities. I will never leave Pakistan and also tell others not do so because this country gives us education and a peaceful life with happiness and a lot of memories that will always be in our mind till death. Then how will any one of you think to leave Pakistan, its our time to give back to our country not to settle down in other country and give benefits to them.

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