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Why i Love Pakistan Quotations

Students here get the Why i Love Pakistan Quotations essay for each class. Everyone has an attachment to their homeland or country where they live. This attachment can be of different types related to one’s country like culture, political, or any other. A person who belongs to any part of the world has loyalty to that place and emotionally attached to his homeland. It is a natural phenomenon that everyone loves his country. I also love my country Pakistan and feel proud to have a country that was constructed for Islam. This country was established as the heart of the Islamic world and was achieved in the name of Islam. It wasn’t easy for Muslims of the Subcontinent to offer their religious obligations and that became the biggest reason for the separation of our beloved country.

Why i Love Pakistan Essay With Quotations

The country is not only good but the people who live in this country are also good who have good hearts like gold. This is the land where a number of heroes have opened their eyes. This country is heaven on earth because there are different scenes and sceneries which make us fall in love with this country.

“A nation reveals itself not only by the men its products but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers” John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Why I Love Pakistan Essay Quotations For 2nd Year

This country is full of resources but due to poor management we are not utilizing our resources but still, it cannot reduce the positivity of this country. Pakistan has the 2nd largest peak K2 which shows the beauty of Pakistan. There are many lush green trees which are the beauty of this country. This country has five provinces which show five different main cultures of this country.

We love our country Pakistan because it is the true Islamic state where we can freely offer prays five times a day without any fear. This country is growing day by day and one day this country will become the number one country in the world. One day Pakistan will become progress by leaps and bound.
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