Which Degree is Useful After intermediate in Pakistan

If you are here for the best result of Which Degree is Useful After intermediate in Pakistan, from this site you can get the best result about the bachelor’s degree that are now popular. As this is the common thing that those students who get good marks in their Intermediate and also pass their entry test usually take admission in the medical field and those students who have done FSC pre engineering take admission in the engineering university but what are the degrees for FA ICOM ICS students so don’t take tension that which field is best for you because in this site or in this post we tell you about that which degree is now you have to do after your intermediate result.

Students can choose their result as per their interest and also as per their field so take admission in the university that is best related to you and if you have interest. Your marks are also considered first because every university have their own criteria for giving admission. We make a list for all the degrees that are now are done after the intermediate level.

Which Degree is Useful After intermediate in Pakistan


Students can now go for the medical field if they have done their FSC pre-medical in good marks and also pass in their entry test also with good marks. From this field you can be a good doctor for the future and then after completing your MBBS degree you can serve the nation from your skills and also the knowledge you get from your education life. Best universities or college that offers Medical degree are The Agha Khan medical university that is situated in Karachi is considered as the top-level university that gibe the medical degree.

Which Degree is Useful After intermediate

University of Health and Sciences this university is located in Lahore this university also offers MBBS. So here we clear that in Medical field there is not only MBBS degree there is also BDS degree that is related to dental field if students are also want to get BDS degree can take admission after your intermediate. Here complete essay on Which Degree is Useful After intermediate in Pakistan.


If students done their FSC pre-engineering in good marks and pass in their entry test then they usually done this degree that is also considered as the top-level degree afterwards there are a lot of professions that will be waiting for engineering students. UET is considered as the top-level university that offers engineering degree if students are interested to get this degree have the best opportunity.

Many others university that offers engineering degree in al over the Pakistan are Pakistan Institute of engineering and applied sciences , National university of Sciences and technology, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and technology, Institute of Space technology, Mehran University of engineering and technology, AIR university these all are the universities that are mentioned above are the best universities for offering engineering degree in all over the Pakistan so don’t waste time hurry up and search the more information in detail from their official website.

Accounting and Finance:

ICOM and ICS done intermediate usually do this Accounting and Finance. This degree is also done very popular now these days because after this you can owe the banking and also some industry Finance or their Financial statements. In this degree they get full command on their graphs and balance sheets after this they further get more attractive jobs and more attractive or handsome salaries. Before one to two years ago this degree is not so well recognized but now every one or one from every ten students are now doing Accounting and Finance so if you are also interested then go and take admission in this degree.

Arts and designs:

Students who have done their FA are now have the opportunity to do arts and designs degree this degree have a great demand now a days because after this they have the opportunity to take the best jobs with best salary packages because there is a lot of demand. In Lahore NCA is facilitating all the students who have done FA in their intermediate so this university or college also offers many other courses that are so helpful for you, designing and fashion is now become trend that is so cool for listening and also that cool when you study for the arts and Design. If you are interested then search the universities that are offering this degree and take admission.

Mass communication:

As we all know that there is a great demand of news channel and news casters so after the completion of intermediate students can easily do their mass communication or mass media. In this degree students can get the best education about how would be done the communication in well manner with others and all the tactics are teach that are be done with the politicians and others while the interviews.

The best jobs for the Mass communication are channel media that is so suitable job for this and now thousands of students are doing this degree. If you are also interested and thinking for doing this degree then don’t waste your time for thinking go and visit to search that which university is best for doing the Mass communication and take admission in that university.

Computer Studies:

All the students who are interested in the technology field then they can have the best degree because all you know that technology is now have a vast field and now every one wishes to have this degree, so if you are also have to do this degree then don’t waste the golden chance and take admission.


Everyone knows about the great or increasing demand of lawyers as the lawyer’s demand increases so the demand of LLB degree is also increases this degree is done in 3 or 5 years, this degree has a great opportunity to become a lawyer and the judge level but you have to pass the test that are taken for this post. If you want to do 3 years LLB that keep in mind that you have to clear your Bachelors degree before this.

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