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Geology Science Scope,Career ,Courses and Universities in Pakistan


“Geology is the study of Earth in the light of science.”

Geology is useful to every living being on this planet. All the activities taking place on planet Earth affect us directly or indirectly. In this discipline of science we study changes taking place on Earth and its architecture.

Importance of geology can be known from the fact that even the smallest things such as the lead pencils we use in our daily lives also require a geologist for its production. From small to the large and the common things that we use are wonders of this field. If this field is not studied, we will never come to know about the treasures hidden in our Earth for us and human can never prosper in any field.

What is Geology/Scope of Geology Science in Pakistan (Eligibility criteria, Courses offered by universities in Geology, List of universities offering degree of Geology in Pakistan)

Geology Science Scope,Career ,Courses and Universities in Pakistan

Geologists are the discoverers among us. Each and every day they are discovering and finding something new to benefit us from it. The field of geology is not just finding of minerals or knowing about rocks composition. In this field we study each and everything about structure of Earth.


Worldwide geology is very respected and popular field. It is the very old field of human history and the reason is that it’s human nature to learn about the place they are living in and discovering it for the purpose of their benefit. When it comes to human welfare geology is the field which provides us with the goods that are helpful in our daily life as well as for example in construction purposes the study of geology is very important. To know that on what grounds we are constructing the structure.


Pakistan is one of the countries where scope of geology is not much until now but if attention is paid towards this field; our lands teeming with natural resources can take us to the heights of success and power.


In Pakistan there are small numbers of universities that provide geology as a discipline. The universities are mentioned below:




Quaid-e-azam university    Yes Yes Yes
Bahria University Yes Yes
University of Karachi, Karachi   Yes Yes
Punjab University Lahore Yes Yes Yes Yes
University of Peshawar Yes Yes
University of Sargodha     Yes    Yes
University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad   Yes   Yes
Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST), Mirpur Azad Kashmir Yes


  • To get admission in BS geology students should have :

50% marks in FSc. and Matric or equivalent

  • To get admission in graduation of  geology students should have :

At least CGPA of 2.5

Students are encouraged to get admission in this field because it is the wide spread-ed field especially when it comes to exploration and surveying. In Pakistan, students are frequently coming towards this field because of its importance around the globe.

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