Warid Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Bundle Offers for Rs. 0.99 Per Day

Social networks have become a very important part of our daily life routine. So by looking at its potential the Warid Telecom has introduced a new mobile internet bundle offer for the social network user. Now the Warid network users can avail of the unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp bundle offer for just Rs.0.99 per day. The main focus of Warid Telecom is to retain and attract more youth towards them as they are the top users of these applications and with this offer, they will always be able to carry their social life with them.

“Warid Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Bundle Offers for Rs. 0.99 Per Day”

It is a very simple and inexpensive way in order to access Facebook and Whatsapp and stay connected with your friends and family, anywhere at any time. The users do not require any kind of third-party application for this purpose as they just have to type FW in an SMS and then send it to 7777. After subscription, the users will be able to enjoy unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp in just Rs.0.99 for complete one day.

Warid Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Bundle

Warid Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Bundle Offers for Rs. 0.99 Per Day

With this bundle, you can use all the functions of Facebook-like status updates, like photos, comments of different posts, view News Feed, send messages and write on the walls of friends, view videos, and many more. Along with all these users will also be able to use Whatsapp for free and stay connected with their friends.

How to Subscribe to the offer:

  • SMS FW in an SMS to 7777 and enjoy Unlimited access to both Facebook and Whatsapp

Warid Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Bundle Offers Charge:

  • Warid Prepaid Customers: Rs. 0.99 per day
  • Rs. 1+t will apply on all SMS sent to 7777

Terms & Conditions of Warid Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Bundle Offers:

  • *Going on external links to view articles, photos and videos will be charged as per your data plan
  • This offer is limited to all Glow and Warid Prepaid Subscribers only
  • Use of any proxies or mobile browsers which by default are proxy browsers (for example Nokia Xpress) may result in data charging
  • Subscriber may get charged for other mobile phone applications consuming data in the background. This can be controlled by turning off such applications.

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