Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer Winner Gets Rs. 1 Crore

Warid Telecom has finally announced the winner of its Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer which was launched earlier this year. The prize money cheque of One Crore Rupee has been handed-over to the lucky winner Mr. Asghar Khan from Rawalpindi.

Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle offer was launched on 15th April 2013 which continued till 8th July 2013. Through this offer the users could purchase 10 wallpapers or ringtones and 10 SMS for Rs. 9.99+tax only. The subscribers would then enter into a lucky draw through which they could win Rs.100,000 daily, Rs.500,000 on weekly basis and Rs.10,000,000 Grand prize on the last day of the campaign.

“Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer Winner Gets Rs. 1 Crore”

Warid gives Rs. 1 Crore to Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer Winner

Mr. Asghar Khan (right) and Mr. Tariq Gulzar, CFO of Warid Telecom (left)

The Rs.1 Crore cheque was giving to the Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle offer winner Mr.Asghar Khan, by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Warid Telecom. On this occasion, the CFO of Warid Telecom Mr. Tariq Gulzar said that “Warid Telecom has always facilitated its customer through its services, offers and cash prizes. The company’s core strength is its customers and through the campaigns like Maal Dhamaal Bundle offer we share happiness among them.”

The winner of the Warid Maal Dhamaal bundle offer Mr.Asghar Khan expressed his feeling about this and said that He is using Warid Telecom connection since last two years but he had never thought that Warid will change his life forever. Now he can fulfill all of his dreams, but has no words to describe his excitement.

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