Village Life Essay For 5th 8th Class Students

Here you are looking for a Village Life Essay For 5th 8th Class Students. There are two kinds of life that we spend which are village life and city life. The life that is spent in the city life but the life that is spent in the village is village life. There are some advantages to village life and as well disadvantages. The main advantage of the village life is that people in the village live in the open atmosphere.

The area is airy and there are no dusty winds blowing in that area. Village people get the air that is fully fresh. As we all know there are many trees and crops surrounding the village area. That’s why the people that live in the village area get more fresh air than other city area lived people.

Not only do they inhale fresh air they also eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. There is no voice that interrupts your brain and makes noise pollution. The air is free from noise pollution which will help your brain to think or work more effectively and creatively.

Village Life Essay For 5th 8th Class Students

Village Life Essay For 5th 8th Class Students

Many people in this area work harder than the city people because they are mostly farmers and we all know that the farmer’s life is more difficult than others because they have to bow the crops then harvest them and also in between this time they have to spray the anti-pesticides sprays. These all are the advantages of village life but there are also some disadvantages of village life. The main disadvantage of this life is that there are not all the facilities available that meet the needs of any human being.

There are not well-furnished schools available in the village area where the child study on the floor of the schools there are no any other facilities available that are provided to the city area schools. There are no fully facilitated hospitals available that diagnose all the diseases of the humans. So, these are the main disadvantages of the village area that people don’t get any full fledge facility that is their basic need. But in my opinion for a stress-free life village life is the best life.

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