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Upaisa Ufone Complete Procedure Features & Charges

Ufone has finally launched its Upaisa service in Pakistan. Upaisa Ufone complete features, usage procedure and charges detail can be found here. Ufone has launched Upaisa in order to tackle the needs of market and also to stay competitive in the market. Ufone’s telecom sector competitors have already launched this type of services with the name of EasyPaisa, TimePey and Mobicash.

“Upaisa Ufone Complete Procedure Features & Charges”

Approximately 9,000 retailer nationwide ensure that the customers gets the service with ease. Through Upaisa customers can avail the folowing facilities:

  • CNIC-to-CNIC, Account to Account as well as Account to CNIC money transfers
  • Over the counter Utility Bill Payment
  • Balance Top-Up Service
  • School Fees payment
  • Bus Ticket Purchase

How to transfer Money through Upaisa:Ufone Upaisa service Features Procedure & Charges

The customers can transfer money via three method through Upaisa.

  1. Mobile Account to Mobile Account (If both Sender and Receiver are UPaisa Mobile account holders)
  2. Mobile Account to CNIC (If the money receiver does not have an Mobile account)
  3. CNIC to Mobile Account (If the money sender does not have an Mobile account)

Utility Bill Payment with Upaisa:

  • Customers can pay their electricity bill of 10 specified electric companies through Upaisa
  • Users can pay-off their PTCL bill by using Upaisa
  • Upaisa also provides the facility of paying Gas bill of SSGC and SNGPL
  • The Wi-tribe internet connection bill can also be payed through Upaisa outlets
  • The water supply bill of eight specified water boards can be payed through Upaisa

Other noticeable facilities of the Upaisa include the cash deposit and withdrawal through mobile account, pay-off of mobile balance bills, any time Upaisa account balance inquiry and Mobile account mini statement.

Upaisa service usage charges:

  1. For sending money between Rs.1 to 2,500 charges are Rs. 100.
  2. For transfering cash between Rs. 2,501 to 4,000 the service charges are Rs. 150.
  3. For sending 4,001 to 7,000 rupees, Rs. 220 are charged only.
  4. For transferring the amount between Rs. 7,001 to 10,000, only Rs. 360 are charged from the customers.

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