Top Ten Universities of Psychology in Pakistan

In the Pakistan there is lots of scope of Engineering and Medical field so mostly students choose these degree. In the Pakistan there are lots of Degree and courses related to Engineering and Medical,there are more then Hundreds institutes in Pakistan But there is another field which make students future bright and have lots of Scope too is Psychology. Commonly students assume this fields as tough or Boaring subject but on the positive side thousands of students every year in Pakistan got admission in Pakistan top Psychology universities.They have lots of job opportunities after the completion of Degree, They also appear in CSS Exams and only 2 Papers will take from optional subject ( So thats why mostly Psychology Students Pass the Css with Higher Marks).

In Pakistan Students take the Admission by following Other or on the Command of their Parents. In the Start they have no idea what is this, How effective in future , where is scope or Opportunity Market for their degree or education so in the end they consider as unemployed.

If they Choose their fields by their owns interest and as Favorite, by Scope of market with proper Career Guidance then they will definitely more succeeded when they start professional or practical life.

Here we have enlist Top universities or colleges which are giving quality Psychology education and have proper completion of their students research paper.In Pakistan lots of Universities have Psychology Departments where many sub fields also presenting to Psychology students.

Top 10 Universities of Psychology in Pakistan

In our Country commonly these degrees are taken for Admission

  • BS Psychology
  • Post Magistral Diploma (PMD) – Professional Psychology
  • Master in Applied Psychology
  • MPhil – Professional Psychology
  • PhD – Professional Psychology

And they have following some well known career opportunities in Psychology Field

  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Forensic Psychologists
  • Human Factors Psychologists
  • Industrial-organizational Psychologists

Top Ten Universities/Colleges of Psychology in Pakistan

Scope of Psychology in Pakistan

  1. Punjab University Lahore
  2. National Institute of Psychology
  3. Institute of Psychology Karachi
  4. University of Peshawar
  5. Bahria University
  6. GC University Lahore
  7. University of Karachi
  8. Beaconhouse National University
  9. Islamia University
  10. Virtual University
  11. Institute of Clinical Psychology

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