Top 5 Reasons Why College Students Should Not Miss Class

There are thousands of reasons that student should never miss a class but Top 5 Reasons Why College Students Should Not Miss Class will be discussed in this article. No knowledge without college is a local phrase that means if you want to get knowledge than you should go to college. A student must go to college on regular basis because if a lecture will be missed than it will not be repeated like schools. There is also another reason that you should attend each class because the more you attend classes, you will have to do less hard work to get higher marks. The concepts that teachers will build in the class if you missed those concept than it will be difficult for you understand that topic.

A lecture is more worthy than reading a book for years because you will be directionless if there is no teacher. Following are the Top 5 Reasons Why College Students Should Not Miss Class.

Less Hard Work:

Those students who regularly go to college are good at studying because their concepts are clear. In colleges the time is short but the syllabus is more than the available time. It is not easy to cover complete syllabus on time and if we talk about the revision than there is no chance of revision. So the best way to keep in touch with studies or to get concept of each topic you need to attend all classes. If you miss any class than that topic will not be covered by you.

College Students Should Not

Short Attendance Issue:

Short attendance is one of the major issue for students. If a student has short attendance than the college may not provide him/ her roll number slip in order to appear in the annual exam. It will lead to waste of one year if you will not appear in the exam. So make sure than you have 100% attendance so that you can appear in the exam and can get good marks too.

Waste of Money:

If you are paying fee for full time than why you are not taking classes? Every time a student misses a class he waste some money that he/ she could be cash in terms of getting knowledge. Furthermore, most of the students are not paying their fee by themselves but their parents are giving the fee dues. So technically you are cheating your parents and wasting their money too. So it is ethically wrong that you are paying for studies but wasting time and money in fun. If you are not interested in studies than skip the college otherwise take regular classes.

You could Miss Assignment/ Quiz:

During class some teachers may take surprise quiz or can give you an assignment in class. You will miss that assignment and quiz if you will be absent in the class that will deduct your internal marks. Internal grade also have good or bad impact on your external grade. So this is one of the most important top 5 reasons why college students should not miss class. If your college provide monthly report to your parents than it will surely hurt them that you are not taking regular classes.

It take extra Time to Catch Up:

Those students who miss classes will not be able to catch up their other fellows because if you will not clear previous lecture you will not be able to understand next lectures. So if you want to get good marks in your college than you must have to go to your college on regular basis. It will surely help you to get good marks.

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