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Top 5 Reasons Students Failure in Universities

Here you will come to know about Top 5 Reasons Students Failure in Universities from this website. University life is total different from the school and college life. A student become free when he enters in university. Mostly students think that university life is the easiest life but this is one of the toughest life for students. As I already mentioned that university life is totally different from the school and college life that is why the fail ratio is also higher in university than the school and college systems. There are many reasons behind these failures but the top five reasons students fail in universities are given on this website. These reasons will help you to understand why mostly student fail in universities. You can also check their solutions that how you can refrain from failure in university. So check the list of Top 5 Reasons Students Failure in Universities which are listed for your help.

Selection of the Wrong Course:

You can think that you have chosen the right subjects for you but most of the times it happens that you fail to choose right course for you. Choosing wrong course for you will lead you toward failure because you are not made for that specific course. So it is compulsory to think twice before choosing course while taking admission in universities.Reasons Students Failure in Universities

Poor Foundation:

As I already mentioned that mostly students choose wrong course during taking admission that is why they have poor foundation of that course. When they entered into university their foundation is weak even they don’t know about the subject and this thing also become the reason for failure in university.

Poor Study Habits:

University life is different from the college life. When a student enter into a university he consider that university is as easy as college was. But now the criteria has changed you have to work on daily basis if you want to pass the semester because this is not an annual system in which you will pass only appearing in exams.


Students always depend on others and not try to work by themselves. Most of the students think that every topic will be covered by their teacher but this is not right thing. In university most of the syllabus you have to cover by yourself. You have to remove dependency from your nature if you want to be successful. These are Top 5 Reasons Students Failure in Universities.

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