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Top 10 Website Pakistani’s Mostly Visit

As we are told, that Now a days mostly everyone work online, While websites (Web Portals) are involved in maximum online work. Because of the Online Working like e-commerce, Online Sales and purchase, Online Advertisement, Communication, Data sending and sharing, Educational, sports and Political news and promotions therefore computers are ruling the world From last one decade. So here we are providing you the Pakistan top 10 Most visited site according to the Alexa.com, there are 605 Million+ active websites (including all categories) on the internet.

Because of the growth of computer in the Pakistan, our country counted in, top 20 countries on the internet, according to the visitors. Here below we are providing you top 10 Most visited web sites with the Maximum visitors, alexa Rank and page rank.

Top 10 Website Pakistani’s Mostly Visit

  1. Google.com.pk
    Google.com (Google.com.pk) is the Search engine web site, Every one can search any thing on the google.com (Google.com.pk). And now a day maximum people 1st open the Google and then search their specific topics from the google search in engine, So therefore google has become on the 1st number from the all site in the Pakistan.
  2. Facebook.com
    Facebook is the Social networking web site, It is the communication Hub In the Pakistan top visits are the on Facebook.com. Facebook monitoring facilitates to improve your business and social media marketing approach in every country. In the Pakistan Facebook users are near about the 8055680 it is not exact figure because in the Pakistan facebook users are improving day by day. Pakistan is the 28th number to using the facebook In All over the world.
  3. Yahoo.com
    Yahoo Is among the most visited search engines on the planet where millions of visitors search their queries. But the in the Pakistan Yahoo is use for the emails, and online communication and For the searching purpose it use in Pakistan on the Low level because maximum user use the google as a search engine.
  4. Blogger.com (Blogspot.com)
    Blogger (Blogspot.com) is the world famous Blog which gives us free online pages to publish our Idea’s and Information and provide us free SignUp. Sites have unlimited features but blogs have limited feature, But we can use the blog for our small own business, On the Home bases. Blogger provide us free web domains where millions of posts have been published daily on many topics.
  5. (Windows Live) Live.com
    Windows Live (live.com) or MSN (Hotmail.com) is the most visiting website in the Pakistan, which provide us the fastest mailing service, It is the secure mailing service provided by Microsoft. and it provides us thee Uploading up to 7 GB data on Sky Drive, and it is very secure place to save our data online. And it is also a search engine but it not use mostly for the Searching data, It maximum use for the Mailing purpose.
  6. Wikipedia.com
    To get definitions and complete detail about anything any word, So you visit the Wikipedia.com because it is the best website about the free encyclopedia and to gathering information about any topic in the world and it has the secure data and it provides maximum authentic Information about the any topic.
  7. Twitter.com
    Twitter is the most popular social networking website in the world, On the 1st number is Facebook and on the 2nd number is the Twitter for the social networking and social services, and Messaging. it helps us to connect our love one’s and friends with communities with short text messaging service which called tweets.
  8. Linkedin.com
    Linkedin is the hub and among the top social media site where you can find jobs, can meet professional people and also you can join the groups of your choice person. And you can say it the meeting point for the professional persons or you can say it the portal which provides us the people whose meet with our criteria.
  9. Olx.com.pk
    OLX.com.pk is the Is a classified site which is grew very fastest, where visitors can promote and can free signup they can buy and sell their products absolutely free, it is also a Advertisement portal to promote your business and whatever you want.
  10. ESPNcricinfo.com
    ESPNcricinfo is the best portal for to collect the information about cricket matches and updates and news about cricket are provided. ESPNcricinfo specificly works on the cricket which provids the cricket Internatinal and national Matches schedules and the Provides the Live scores every one can get these all information completely free.

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