Top 10 Islamic Schools in Lahore

Top 10 Islamic Schools in Lahore is one of the most important lists to be known by the residents of a Muslim society. Islamic education is considered the basic essential education for Muslim children. While the most important part of the life of a Muslim child. For a Muslim child, knowledge of the Quran and Hadith is the most important part of life. Even if a person is not from a Muslim background. And is interested in studying Islamic society and Islamic practices, he/she needs to join the institution as mentioned in the list, and can easily avail what they seek.

For such opportunity seekers, a list of the Top 10 Islamic schools is provided in Lahore to give the related information at arm’s length. The provided list is to provide ease to all those who want a good education and Islamic knowledge for their children and for themselves as well.

Top 10 Islamic Schools in Lahore / Best Hifz School in Lahore

  1. Blessed Islamic Grammar School:

Blessed Islamic Grammar School commonly known as BIGS is one of the best schools that is engaged with Islamic children grooming. The school is striving the give the true Islamic essence to the education and giving the students what they deserve to know about Islam.

  1. Scholastic Islamiah:

Scholastic Islamiah is an institute with the ambition to make children grow and achieve what they desire through Islamic education. With a view to developing the IQ of the children and making them emotionally intelligent. The school is working on continuous efforts to promote Islamic education.

  1. Shajar School of Modern & Islamic Education

The school with the view of Developing Characters is surely worth mentioning. As Islam places great stress on building character and ethics in children, the school has taken this forward. Shajar School of Modern and Islamic Education helps build the character of the children and helps them become true Muslims.

  1. Educational Partnership of Islamic and Contemporary Studies:

Educational Partnership of Islamic and Contemporary Studies commonly known as EPIC. EPIC is claimed to be connected with high quality related to education. The school has a highly qualified faculty that has the relevant knowledge and experience. School to provide Islamic education to an Islamic society like Lahore.

Top 10 Islamic Schools in Lahore

  1. AL Noor Islamic School:

The best Islamic school in the area with a unique style of teaching and with the extraordinary ideas of educating the community with Islamic teachings.AL Noor Islamic School is making humanity better by providing education with dignity.

Some Honorary Mentions:

  1. Aqsa the Islamic School
  2. Dar-ul-Madinah International Islamic School System
  3. Al-A’la International Islamic School (AIIS)
  4. Din-e-Islam Public High School
  5. Tanvir UL Islam Girls High School
  6. Al-Badr Islamic School System

All the above-mentioned schools are dedicated to providing Islamic education with the Quranic and Sunnah and have qualified staff and faculty to provide related education and help regarding the studies. All those people who want to have high-quality Islamic education for their children can get admission for their children in one of these schools.

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