Top 10 Computer Science Universities in Pakistan

As the scope of technology is growing the number of students is also moving in the field of technology. In this way, the best technology all over the world is computer technology which is leading all other technologies. However, the computer field is one of the widest fields that cover a lot of technology programs. In fact, the modern education system is also the basis of computer technology. That’s why there are a lot of students who want to get an education in computer science. However, there are also lots of Universities that are providing the education of computer science for those students. In this way, we are mentioning the Top 10 Computer Science universities in Pakistan for the students.

According to the quality of computer education, 10 universities are ranking top on our list. However, you can choose the university that you feel is best for computer science education. Basically, this field is totally basis on the practical work to get a good scope in the market after getting the degree. However, it is also important to learn about the theory of this computer science field. That’s why, on our list, the university that is in the first place is NUST University.

Top 10 Computer Science Universities in Pakistan

NUST University:

The students who want to get a good education in computer science can get admission to NUST University. It is delivering the best quality of computer science education in Pakistan.

COMSATS University:

In second place, the best university that is delivering the unique educational services of computer science is COMSATS University. This university has a special IT department for the computer science field.

University of Punjab:

The leading university of the universities is Punjab University which is delivering the education of science in Pakistan. That’s why the students can get admission to this university.

UET University:

The University of Engineering and Technology is also providing the best quality of computer science education in Pakistan. So, this is also the best place to get admission to computer science.

IT University:

Information Technology University is a university that is based in the computer field in Punjab. That’s why it is also one of the best universities to get a computer science education.

PIEAS University:

The University of Pakistan Institute of Applied Sciences is also the best university that delivers computer science education.


FAST University is providing different programs in computer science in Lahore. So, this is also a place where students can get admission.

Virtual University:

It is the university that is delivering the education of computer science. It is an online education university that is based on the computer field. But it opens the gateway for the students to explore different things about the computer field.

Lahore University of Management and Science:

This university is also a top-ranking university in the field of Computer science. That’s why students can apply for admission to this university.

GC University:

The Government College University is also delivering very good quality education in computer science. In this way, the students who want to study in the computer field can apply here.

We mention here the top 10 universities that are providing the education of computer science for the students in good manners. However, you can find your place by selecting one of these universities. However, if you feel that any other university that best for the education of computer science then it is your choice. The gates are open for you to get the best education in computer science from any university.

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