Top 10 Businessmen and Business in Pakistan

Here is given below the list of Top 10 Businessmen and Business in Pakistan. These business groups being the largest also are the largest employers in Pakistan. These business groups are playing their role in strengthening the economy of Pakistan. Here is given the list.

Top 10 Businessmen and Business in Pakistan


1.         The Nishat Group:

Nishat group is founded by Mian Muhammad Mansha. It is among the top business houses of Pakistan. The unit of Nishat Group includes Nishat Textiles, Cement and MCB bank. The company has fixed/current assets of over Rs.300 billion (US$ 5 billion). Therefore Nishat group is on the top of the list.

2.         The Jang Group:

Jang group is the second largest business groups of Pakistan. Today, around 10 top newspapers and the multi-billion rupee GEO TV project are being run by Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Mir Khalil’s brainy son, who has a lot of projects pertaining to real estate under his belt too. Mir Khalil ur Rehman is the founder of Jang Group.

3.         The Hashoo Group:

Hashoo Group is founded by Saddaruddin Haswani. The Hashoo Group is more known for its dominance in Pakistan’s hotel industry and real estate business, cotton trading, hospitality, oil and gas exploration and production, information technology, investments, minerals, ceramics pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism, real estate and commodity trading businesses.

 4.         The Packages Group:

The Packages group is included in the list of top business groups in Pakistan. It was established in 1956 as a joint venture between Ali group of Pakistan and Akerlund and Rausing of Swedon.  Its famous brands include Nestle Milk Pak, Treet, Mitchells and Tri Pack Films. It has stakes in the textile, dairy, agriculture and rice Sectors too.

5.         The House of Habib:

This industrial group was founded by Seth Habib Mitha, born in 1878 to Esmail Ali-a factory owner in Bombay. They own the Habib Bank A.G Zurich, Bank Al-Habib, Indus Motors assembling Corolla cars and many dozens of units in sectors such as jute, paper sack, minerals, steel, tiles, synthetics sugar, glass, construction, concrete, farm autos, banking, oil, computers, music, paper, packages, leasing and capital management. Habibs today are headed by Rafiq Habib and Rashid Habib in two distinct groups.

6.         The Saigols:

Saigal group is on number 6 in the list of top 10 business groups in Pakistan. In 1948, Saigols established the Kohinoor Textile Mills with a cost of Rs 8 million and this group happens to be the first to open an LC with the State Bank of Pakistan. They bought the United Bank in 1959 and then witnessed five of their units getting nationalized.

7.         The Crescent Group:

The Crescent Group has been in the business for more than fifty years, and is constituted by businesses as varied as Textile to Financial services. The Crescent group companies include market leaders in sectors including textiles, jute, sugar, engineering, investment banking, insurance, leasing and software development. CG today has annual revenue in excess of US $750 million.

8.         Lakson Group:

Lakson Group is a well-known business group in Pakistan. Iqbal Ali Lakhani is the chairman of Lakson group of companies.

9.         Nawa-E-Waqt Group:

Nawa-e-waqt group is among the top business groups in Pakistan. The group runs two esteemed dailies-the Nawai-e-Waqt (Urdu) and The Nation (English). Besides publishing a few other monthlies and weeklies they also run electronic media channel


Sir Anwar Pervaiz is the Chairman of Bestway Group of Pakistan. Bestway Cement is famous in Bestway group. Today, the Bestway Group has a diversified portfolio, with interests in cash & carry wholesale, property investments, retail outlets, milling of rice, lentils and pulses, cement production and banking.

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