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Telenor Introduced 3G service in Pakistan

Telenor is the largest cellular network in the Pakistan, Telenor provide there service all over in the country. Now after the 3G and 4G auctions in the Pakistan Telenor also got 3G service in 147.5 million dollars in the Pakistan. Telenor now launch this service expectedly in the month of May 2014. Telenor network provide this 3G service to their customers to keep them more facilitate and more advance internet facility in the Pakistan. For this purpose Telenor provide their customers 3G internet packages which are not announced yet.

The network service of Telenor is very good in Pakistan in all cities along with upper hill stations also, due to this very good service in those cities which have a long distance from big cities. Telenor already provide their customers free facebook facility on mobiles and now they provide more fast and up to date internet facility in the country.

Telenor Introduced 3G service in Pakistan

Telenor Introduced 3G service in Pakistan

Telenor network service which already serves 3G service in 11 countries of the world, therefore they now provide this service in the Pakistan at very suitable ad cheap rates. For this purpose telenor lunch more prepaid and postpaid packages for 3G services in the Pakistan. Here we provide all up to date 3G packages of telenor network service in the Pakistan.


As Telenor offer 3G service packages we will update here.

In Pakistan telenor network before the proper starts of 3G in the country, to provide facility to their customers telenor start free trail service of 3G in 4 major cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi are the first cities in which telenor start free trail services of 3G.

Here we provide more details and telenor 3G packages in Pakistan online. 3G service make more comfortable the use of internet at anywhere in the Pakistan and user will easily connected with each other through service. So for further details and information stay with us, we will update you with news about 3G service in Pakistan.

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