Tarjamatul Quran Class 9 Guess Paper 2024

All aspirants who are probing the Tarjamatul Quran Class 9 Guess Paper 2024 can see this place. Here you will get all the details in order for your class. Basically, there are many aspirants who are going to sit in the exam but they want to recall their preparation. In this case, it is important to know about the paper pattern as well as other details. So, if you already have knowledge about it, you can take the next step to start your study. Otherwise, we also mention this platform for all individuals. It will help you to understand and find the right thing according to your class and subject.

In the below part, we cover this in detail which you can see at the bottom part. In the sense of paper scheme, there are multiple questions with different marks that students attempt in their exams. In this case, the first part is all about the MSQs as all boards and tests held it. So, it consists of ten marks to see the ability of the aspirant who is sitting in the exam. Besides, the second section of the paper starts with short questions. So, when you will move that part, you will see five questions holding ten marks that you need to complete. In fact, there will also be a choice to leave one or two questions in that part.

9th class guess paper 2024 tarjuma tul quran

But the important is to do all for better output of your marks. Now the third question for this class is completing the words meaning in the shape of Al-Quran that you need to provide the meaning of particular words. Basically, it has fifty marks that apply according to the words and their meanings in the paper. So, if you focus on this section, you can easily earn these marks in your paper. Similarly, you should keep through the book and start your preparation to gain these marks in your exam.

Tarjamatul Quran Class 9 Guess Paper 2024

However, the next part of the paper is idioms and phrases. Actually, it has only 15 marks in order to different sentences. However, you should complete the idiom and phrase within three sentences to get full marks. Similarly, there will be five of which you need to attempt all of these to get fifteen marks in that part. Moreover, there will be a topic on which the paper will ask you to write on that topic. Basically, the topical part of the question is asking to write a note on that to complete the section. In this case, you need to use the length to get enough ten marks in the area. Because of the 10 marks, you should keep the length of that part in mind to get good marks.

Tarjamatul Quran Class 9 Guess Paper Tarjamatul Quran Guess Paper

tarjamatul quran class 9 guess paper 2024

However, last but not least, question number five covers two parts in order to Summarize the main idea of a particular surah. So, there will be two topics according to the Surah in which you will do both to get 100 marks. Actually, each one has fifty marks. Therefore, you should keep in mind to do both and get enough marks on your paper. Now here we are putting some important questions from the guess paper which you can keep in mind before going to attend the paper.

tarjuma tul quran 9th class key book pdf download

The Holy Qur’anic verses for the 9th class are here in which you will able to remember the word meaning and translation as well as summary and other things. So, these are below.

  • Surah Marium
  • Surah Ta-Ha
  • Surah Al-Anbiya
  • Surah Al-Hajj
  • Surah Al-Furkan
  • Surah Al-Kahaf

In order to these topics of the surah, the paper will come from this surah of the Quran. So, make sure to do good preparation according to these for better marks. Similarly, the additional questions and queries are already discussed in the above section. So, you can go through it accordingly to get enough marks. However, the part of word meaning is important in which you need to focus and get high marks. Similarly, the section on MCQs and other short questions is available in the pdf file as a guess paper. So, you can also see the image to know about some questions regarding this class subject.

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