Syllabus for MCAT Test 2023 Format and Test Fee

Here we are going to provide the latest Syllabus for MCAT Test 2023 Format and Test Fee on this page. So where are all the interested, eligible, and talented students who want to be admitted to the well-reputed medical university? Colleges of Pakistan can easily download the complete syllabus for the MCAT test 2023 format. University of Health Science (UHS) is also going to update the latest format syllabus of the medical college admission test (MCAT) 2023. The F.Sc (Pre-Medical) complete syllabus is included in the MCAT 2023.

So all interested students must be prepared for their previous intermediate-level science subject for the entrance test MCAT for admission in the medical and dental college. The final decision for the latest format/syllabus for the MCAT test 2023 has been authorized by the University of Health Science (UHS).

There are a total number of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) 220 that are included in the MCAT test 2023 through four science books as Physics, Chemistry, English, and Biology. Most questions/paper pattern syllabi are prepared by the FSc (Pre-Medical) syllabus for the MCAT test so we are suggested to all honorable students.

UHS Syllabus for MCAT Test 2023

MCAT Test 2023  Format:

You must be prepared for your entrance test MCAT 2023 to get admission to the MBBS program in any medical college/university through the FSc (Pre-Medical) syllabus. Here we mention the complete format/syllabus for the MCAT test 2023 so all interested students can easily download it in PDF form here online after pressing the download option button which will be provided below.

Syllabus for MCAT Test Format

Sr.No Subject

No. of Questions

  1 PHYSICS   44
  2 CHEMISTRY   58
  3 ENGLISH   30
  4 BIOLOGY   88

                                                                     Total: 220

Table of Subjects Specification of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with MCQ’s Number.


Table of Specification (PHYSICS-2023  )
F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc.

Table of Specification (CHEMISTRY-2023  )
F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc.

Table of Specification (Biology-2023  )
For F.Sc. and Non-F.Sc.

1. Physical Quantities and Units  022. Forces 023. Fluid Dynamics 034. Light 045. Waves 046. Deformation of Solids 027. Ideal Gases 028. Heat and Thermodynamics 039. Electronics 02

10. Current Electricity 03

11. Magnetism and Electromagnetism 03

12. Modern Physics  07

13. Nuclear Physics 07


A. Physical Chemistry1. Fundamental concepts 022. States of matter 023. Atomic structure 024. Chemical bonding 025. Chemical energetics 026. Solutions 027. Electrochemistry 028. Chemical Equilibrium 02

9. Reaction kinetics 02

B. Inorganic Chemistry

1. Periods 02

2. Groups 02

3. Transition elements 02

4. Elements of biological importance 04

C. Organic Chemistry

1. Fundamental Principles 02

2. Hydrocarbon 02

3. Alkyl halides 02

4. Alcohols and Phenols 04

5. Aldehydes and Ketones 03

6. Carboxylic acid 03

7. Amino acids 06

8. Macromolecules 06

9. Environmental Chemistry 02


1. Introduction to Biology 042. Cell Biology 103. Biological Molecules) Carbohydrates 02b) Proteins 01c) Lipids 01d) Nucleic Acids 01e) Enzymes 044. Microbiology

a) Virus 01

b) Bacteria 02

c) Fungi 01

5. Kingdom Animalia and Plantae 05

6. Human Physiology

a) Digestive System 04

b) Gas exchange and Transportation 04

c) Excretion and Osmoregulation 05

d) Nervous System 04

e) Reproduction 05

f) Support and Movement 05

g) Hormonal Control (Endocrine Glands) 04

h) Immunity 05

7. Bioenergetics 05

8. Biotechnology 05

9. Ecosystem 05

10. Evolution and Genetics 05


Total                   44.

Total                                 58

Total                         88

Total time allowed for the test shall be 150 minutes.

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In the MCAT test, the 2023 total time will be allowed 2 ½ hours or 150 minutes according to the University of Health Science (UHS). You must complete your MCAT test within the time period provided as per UHS rules. You must appear in the MCAT test 2023 to get admission to MBBS programs in any medical/dental college or university. We are also updating the MCAT test dates and scores release dates with the complete year 2023.

So that according to that schedule, you can prepare for the upcoming MCAT test 2023. Here we will provide the MCAT test 2023 fee schedule on this page. Please keep visiting here for the latest updates regarding more details on syllabi for the MCAT test 2023 format and the test fee on this page.

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