Students Protest Against MCAT, ECAT Entry Tests

Anti Test Movement. A Movement has been start from the Students of Medical and Engineering fields. Protest against the MCAT & ECAT entry tests. The circle of the protest is increasing day by day 2 days before a rally was organized in Rahim Yar Khan where students raised the slogan ” Marsu Marsu Test Na Dai Su”. Yesterday a rally was organized in Khanaiwal city from Post Graduate College to Islamia school chowk.

Students are demanding to end the MCAT and ECAT entry tests as soon as possible. Open Merit lists should be introduced in the Institutes for the Admissions in the Medical and Engineering Institutions. Poor students cannot afford the heavy fees of preparation of MCAT & ECAT tests.

In Bahawalpur students participated in a walk barefooted from University chowk to press club. Examination and admission reform committee Punjab has already recommended ending MCAT and ECAT tests in the province. Summary has been sent to Chief Minster Punjab for final approval.

Students Protest Against MCAT, ECAT Entry Tests

Students Protest Against MCAT, ECAT Entry Tests

Punjab Government is going to end MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests from 2015. The reorganization committee of examinations as well as admissions Punjab on Saturday has suggested ending the compulsion of ECAT and MCAT entry test for admission in medical and engineering colleges and universities of Punjab.

Students ask in the protest that after gaining the high marks in the boards they cannot get admissions in the universities, MCAT & ECAT become a hurdle in the way. On the other hand A-Level students and students of urban areas are not in favor of ending the MCAT & ECAT entry tests. They have argument that paper checking standard is not uniform in different boards and cheating is very common in many boards. Already High Court has ended 50, 50 percent quota system in medical and dental colleges.

For more about the protest please read our website. we soon inform you about the Government steps in ending the MCAT & ECAT Tests. Queries will be asked on we will guide you as we can do our best.

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