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Students Facing Load shedding Crisis badly

Inter part 2 Exams has been started in may and Now a days Load shedding is effecting very badly Students Study. Its effecting specially inter part 2 student because of unscheduled Load shedding. Proper arrangement against load shedding has not been done in examination centers and students are encountering with this hide and seek of electricity.

Students Facing Load shedding Crisis badly

Load shedding Effects every one but Students are undergo crisis of study like their one hand is penalized because of unscheduled load shedding. Because in the exams day study do not enough for the students annual exams but they should be prepare their exams in the evening and night time but they can not do this. All business are also effecting because of unscheduled load shedding.

Our all business undergoing the crisis and we are going bad to bad position in the business and study. Punjab Educational Profession and Punjab education Head of union Adeeb Jadwani has ask from our Punjab government that what are they doing about Load shedding. They should be take a step against unscheduled Load shedding because its is disarming our Educational process and and business process.

If it will happen like this then our Pakistan will go to bad condition day to day. Its Damaging our economy very badly. And it is very critical condition in our country no one can tell that what will happen in the future. And our government is not giving any response against this critical load shedding condition. No one knows that what will happens their future because of our government laziness. Our government taking tour very cheap for our country.

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