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Student Life in University and College

Student life is the golden period of our life. A student life prepares us for the future challenges. In this life one remain attached to his aims ad goals. A student experiences different phases of his student life. There are three phases of student life school life, college life and university life. Although a student life is a challenging life but one should not miss the golden time with friends. Student life has its own smiles and tears, joys and sorrows. It is a period when we are unaware of the financial issues because parents deal everything. The students are dependent on their parents. In this life everything looks romantic and lovely. A student is usually ignorant of the sad happenings of the world. He does serious struggle to achieve an aim in his life.


A college student is the prince to the member of his family. A college student struggles a lot to get admission in the university. In college life a student remains dependent on his teachers. His approach regarding future changes slowly. His thinking becoming career oriented. He finds ways to become successful. He tries not to repeat the mistakes of school life. He becomes mature and optimistic. He acts as a responsible member of the family. He knows that his parents want him to make a good future. He does not involve in bad company.

Difference between school and university life

He becomes hard working and diligent. He keeps discussing his problems with his parents. In college life a student gets advises of his teachers because he wants to choose a best field. He discusses with teachers, the scope of different fields in which he is interested. His take the supervision and advice of the teachers in choosing his subjects. He makes good friends in his college. In college life a student becomes mature and he recognizes different people. His vision becomes broader. He participates in different events that are conducted by his college. He takes part in debates and thus his confidence level boasts.

Student Life in University and College

Teachers become associated with him and he become all time favorite in the eyes of his teachers. He works with keen interest. The end of college life is time to have faith in you. In the end he makes great efforts to do well in examination. If he is a hard working student then he should not be panic at the last moment like other students. When the exams are gone he planes to get admission in a good university. He searches for different universities in Pakistan. He prepares for the entry tests.

College student life Essay

A university life is a real challenge for a student. He makes a step ahead towards his practical life. In university a person becomes liberal and independent. He learns to make his own decisions. He does fun with his class fellows as well as hostel fellows. He lives in the environment of learning. He makes great efforts to achieve high grades in university. He becomes social. He learns to corporate with other fellows. He learn to tolerate and behaving in bad situation. He makes best friends. When a student lives in a hostel he makes friends. He lives in the circle of his friends. His friends are everything to him. He does proper hard work in university to compete others. In the end of university life a student gains knowledge about professional organizations.

Student life is a period of discipline which demands a good deal of patience and sacrifice. In this life a student realize that by his actions he may make or mar his future. This is the best period of time that will never return therefore students should be sensible enough to use this period fruitfully.

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