Speech On Quaid e Azam A Great Leader

Here you can find the Speech On Quaid e Azam A Great Leader in English. According to William Shakespeare, some people born great while others become great with their hard work any worthy deeds. Though Quaid e Azam was born with extraordinary abilities like greatness, intelligence and this was our good luck that ALLAH sent him to help us on 25th December 1876. He was a person with a different personality which prove beneficial in his political career. It is great to not quarrel in Politics. For this spotless personality is required which cannot be attained without self-devotion. He is the one who worked for humanity without any personal interest and proved that he is living for others instead of himself. You can assume his greatness that he implement very tough discipline and never enjoyed a single day of his life with comfort.

All these disciplines were adopted so that he can help the Muslims of the sub-continent and for this, he never even cared for his health. As the result, Muslims of the Subcontinent become loyal to him and they always remain active to devote their lives to his single call.

Speech On Quaid e Azam A Great Leader

quaid e azam as a great leader in urdu english

British entered the sub-continent and fight against Muslims. Muslims lose that fight and they become rural in the sub-continent in 1857. Now they have tortured Muslims in every possible way. The unit with the Hindus to destroy Muslims. Muslims were not in the mood to even ask for their rights in that area. Meanwhile, Quaid e Azam came to awake them so that they can get a separate homeland for themselves. He started his political career from congress but after some time he realized that congress is only working for the rights of the Hindu community.

After that, he left Congress and joined Muslim League. He became the leader of Muslims and started representing Muslims. On many occasions when Hindu want to manipulate Muslims, Quaid e Azam helped them with his vision and GOD-given abilities.

He proved that he is the true and greatest leader of all the time because, under his leadership qualities, Muslims of the Subcontinent proved that they deserve a separate homeland. This is his leadership that the Muslims of the Subcontinent won separate homeland Pakistan on 14 August in 1947. He never stopped even the creation of Pakistan but he boosts his hard work to make Pakistan the best country in the world. He died on 11 September in 1948. Please stay tuned with us for more information about Speech On Quaid e Azam A Great Leader.

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