Speech on 14th August Pakistan Independence Day

Basically, Pakistan came into being on August 14. Therefore, all the people of Pakistan celebrate this day as Independence Day. However, it has also been named as one of the festivals of Pakistan. Due to which it is also celebrating in schools and colleges. Therefore, there are many participants who appear on the stage to perform their skills of speech. These speakers are relating to schools as well as colleges and universities. So, here we are providing Independence Day short Speech on 14 August in English For Students at this place. In fact, there are several speeches in which students can select and prepare for their performance.

Firstly, we will begin our first speech with the history of Pakistan. However, this country was based on the KalimaTayyaba. Its founder was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was uniting the whole nation on the basis of Islam. However, in the current situation, the younger generation celebrates the occasion with music. However, many children, old and young, and women sacrifice their lives that day. So, we must not forget the sacrifices of our elders and strive for the development and prosperity of the country. That is where I end my speech God blase you all.

Independence Day short Speech on 14 August in English For Students

Secondly, Today is the most important day among us to celebrate and I wish you all Independence Day with my heart. Basically, we are celebrating this day due to the independence of our country. But we do not remember the purpose of this independence that why this country came in the form. However, our new generation is celebrating this day just to chill. However, the story of freedom is very painful in which our elders lose lots of souls due to the freedom of this country. In fact, the purpose of this country was to implement Islamic rules.

However, the purpose of building this country was so that we could have freedom and adhere to Islamic principles. Which we are not doing at all after the independence of this country. But my prayer is that Allah will help us to live in this country for following Islam. I would like permission from my teachers and guests.

Lastly, the students should keep in their mind that before starting of speech they should use these sentences. My dear principal or respectable principal as well as honorable chief guests teachers and parents and my dear friends/fellows. In fact, use this sentence On the occasion of Independence Day I have the opportunity to make my voice deliver to you. So, I will start my speech with these words. However, at the end of your speech, you can end your speech by reciting any poem of AllamaIqbal. However, you can use any other poet according to the situation.

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